5 Reasons not to get excited about Modern Warfare 3

aGamingSite writes: 'The Modern Warfare 3 hype-train is in full flow. Allow me to bring you back down to earth.'

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Dart892745d ago

Everyone hypes it up and then it fails come next year when they show the new cod same old stuff rinse and repeat

Agent-862744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I think they should be using the decimal point system when naming these games since they really don't change much, just a minor update. The author was calling it MW2.1, but I think MW1.3 is more appropriate since MW2 wasn't much different from the first MW (so MW2 should actually be MW1.2).

Muletroid2744d ago

i actually think its cute how the COD haters are all over the COD articles more than the people who actually like COD LOL

Aussiegamer2744d ago

Correct me if im wrong though in that theory wouldn't mw2 be mw1.1 and mw3 be 1.2 hence mw being mw1.0?! Dont mean to nit pick.

sealion882744d ago

yes agent, you already wrote MW1.3 in other MW3 posts. If you don't like the game why care about it so much?

lil Titan2744d ago

no its MW3 and thats the only thing that has changed about the game. same graphics, same gameplay, same... you see where im going with this right?

No Way2744d ago

Lol, you kidding? MW 2 was totally different than MW1.
There is a reason why people loved MW1 and hate MW2, lol.

evrfighter12744d ago

ya it would be patch 1.2

it's funny cuz some people are bout to drop 60 bucks on a content patch.

MaxXAttaxX2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

....but I'll just let people think of these.

paintsville2744d ago

There are no reasons to not be excited about Modern Warefare 3. Period. Be excited. Be very excited.

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No Way2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Agreed.. Just like many other major games, people hype em up and the 'fail.'
Why do they 'fail?' Well, because people expect too much..

Tigan2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Same answer as every hater. Just copy and paste.

wlchrbandit2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I'm hoping we will all be pleasantly surprised with MW3. I know everyone's getting sick of COD, constantly having the same thing thrown at you, and I feel it too.. but MW3 could come out a decent game.

When COD4 came out it was widely thought to be a fantastic game, people loved it, everyone was excited to see how the sequel would pan out. Turns out it didn't really go as good as people hoped.. now a heck of a lot of gamers have lost faith in the series.

Now it's important to note that you shouldn't really factor Treyarch's installments into this equation, the games are made my different developers, although some features will be copied from one and other. So with this in mind, gamers have lost faith in a franchise because one installment had a few flaws? To me this sounds a little silly.

MW2 followed a game that people loved, a game that some people would call the best shooter of this generation, so Infinity Ward only had praise to go on when building a new game. It's a completely different story this time round, people have been complaining, giving negative feedback. So now Infinity Ward can build a game armed with the information that their last game was a shambles. This could have a very positive outcome.

I'm still far more excited for BF3, I love the Battlefield series. I'm just not writing off the COD series yet, I'm remaining optimistic for the it's future.

That is all.

artdafoo2744d ago

And I'm still optimistic Santa Claus will come down my chimney next year, but in reality he won't.

ezcex2744d ago

1. [email protected]
2. COD-MW2
4. Read up
5. All of the above

Merivigian2743d ago

Yea, it happens every year and I actually took some evidence to hold against my friends who are in denial. They were like "MW3 is gonna be BEAST!!" etc. And I'm like, you said that about MW2 and you literally broke the disc in half. You said that about Black Ops and you hate that to death. Now I'm just waiting for the MW3 bitching to commence so I can rub it in their faces.

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Ranshak2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Same game new maps is enough reason, its as if people are paying 60usd for a new DLC of maps lol. I would look at it as if it was a yearly 60usd subscription for most people anyways.... and people complain they wouldnt pay to play fps online haha, most people are essentially paying 5usd a month :P

The Meerkat2745d ago

The problem is that if you don't join them you become a social outcast online for a few months.

I'd rather play Halo Reach, but ALL my friends will be playing this.

Ranshak2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Well i personally dont play on console anymore, i play TF2(PC version of course) mostly for my online needs. Lovely game has everything i would want from a game:

Hilariously funny
Dedicated servers
Dev support
Community support
Free mods and DLCs
No control from companies like Sony or MS (where they can pull the plug when ever they like, like what happened with halo 2 on Xbox).

Valve keeps the game fresh all the time, no point buying games like COD year on year plus DLCs, when you can get a game like TF2 for as low as 5usd when its on discount on Steam.

Semir2745d ago

MW3 will be a good FPS. Both, single player and multiplayer modes will be awesome. The only thing that bothers me, is the outdated engine. I care much about graphics. And when I see a good game with bad graphics, I feel really sad. They earned enough money to be able to make a new engine. Or at least rent one.

Otheros002744d ago

With the money they made they can make at least 10 new engines for every year they release a cod game.

Niightzz2744d ago

5!?!? haha i could give 50

Kon2744d ago

Please, everyone wants to hear it.

Jack-Dangerously2744d ago

*uh-oh* Is what I thought to myself reading this title...

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