Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 demo tonight on Jimmy Fallon Show

Sledgehammer Games have just confirmed that a Modern Warfare 3 demo will be aired tonight on the Jimmy Fallon Show.


Update: Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward has tweeted that he will be demonstrating Spec Ops Survival Mode.

"Tune into Late Night with @JimmyFallon tonight! I'm taking #MW3 on there to play some Spec Ops Survival Mode co-op along with @SimonPegg!"

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halocursed2620d ago

Can't wait. I hope they detail the multiplayer too.

LOGICWINS2620d ago

Hopefully its not the same demo shown at E3.

BiggCMan2620d ago

It probably will be. They did the same thing last year with Killzone 3. They just had it in 3D instead, but it was the same demo shown at E3. They also did the same thing with Uncharted 3.

Sunhammer2620d ago

They could just show Modern Warfare 2 and no one will know the difference.

HeroComplex2620d ago

Looks like IW acted quick to get their demo on the show before BF3 gets shown on Thursday, lol.

Inside_out2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

I hope they start at wave 10 or 15 so we can see the intense action with helo's and such...that should be sweet. To bad Jimmy is going to want to play and make some dumb jokes...o_O

Survival ( Firefight/horde ) mode was only shown behind the scenes so it will be great to finally see what the media has been raving about.

btw...maybe Dice will show that awesome desert action on a PC nobody owns where you drive for ten minutes looking at smoke in the distance...O_o

Tank_Commander_E62620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Wasn't there supposed to be a BF3 demo on Fallon? Anyone have date/time?

never mind found info

"Battlefield 3 is coming to late night network television. Next Thursday, June 16th on NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Battlefield 3 for --->console will be shown<---!!!!."

Tank_Commander_E62619d ago

saw the show and have to say it looked boring as hell! xJaws and Whiteboy were right that sh*t was lame!

I can't wait for Battlefield 3!

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S_C2620d ago


Ill put money on the multiplayer reveal to be around Sept 1st

iforgotmylogin2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

i dont expect that much different
cept less bugs
and some pc love this year

imo same engine what can you expect.

cant wait to play the story mode though.

the_best_player2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )


Jimmy: So this is COD4?

represent: No it's MW3 but it does run on the dated COD4 engine.

Jimmy: To whats new in MW3 that was not in COD4?

represent: No Comment...

Jimmy: BF3 looks way better lets get that on the show.

represent: we like milking, cause people like buying the same game each year.

Jimmy: get out!

fullymoated2620d ago


correction: BF3 looks better on PC. It probably looks about the same as everything else out there for the 360, which is why Dice "didn't have any footage ready to show" for E3.

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Convas2620d ago

Hopefully we get to see Soap and Price in some of the more "exotic" locales I gleaned carefully without too much spoilage from that Kotaku leak.

theonlylolking2620d ago

I want to see more of the co-op and multiplayer modes.

Semir2620d ago

Can't wait :) I hope they show more locations.

kudakadere2620d ago

is it gonna be a LIVE demo like the one at E3

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