E3 2011: Microsoft news round-up: Focussing on Kinect, Halo, entertainment and surprises

El33tonline writes:

"Over the week of June 6th, Microsoft fired the opening salvo of videogame news to kick off E3 2011, and it was quite explosive!

The company focussed heavily on its upcoming offering of Xbox 360 Kinect titles, revealing details on motion games catering to all types of Xbox owners, from the hardest of the hardcore to more family friendly fun.

Details on upcoming highly anticipated games that make use of Kinect were also revealed, while the welcome announcement of Kinect Fun Labs was also made to further diversify the range of entertainment opportunities now available on Xbox 360.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Microsoft gaming event without a few Halo announcements… let’s dig into some of Microsoft’s key announcements and reveals at E3 2011"

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B1663r2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

You already saw the new game, you just believed the fantroll "on rails" straw man argument, when none of the core Kinect games shown are on rails...

Microsoft easily had the best showing for new Games and IP's (it wasn't even close) you just have fanboy blinders on and cant see it.

BubbleSniper2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

wow, really? ms had nothing to show but wave your arms titles.

they're on the up and up about making money. the core is seeming more and more like a stepping stone to what we have today. KINECT

mendicant2738d ago

I agree with B1663r. But haters are gonna hate.

BubbleSniper2738d ago


and sheep are gonna baaaaaaaaa!

SuperSaiyan42738d ago

Microsoft announced Halo 4 way too earlier, they probably did that to keep shareholders happy and or to keep their shares up. However I have to say although Halo 1 remake was the thing that interested me the most overall Microsoft's E3 was a major fail.