In-depth Review: Duke Nukem Forever - Electronic Theatre [X360]

Duke Nukem Forever is a product developed out of love for an audience, rather than an industry. While it may try to appeal to a more mainstream demographic than it’s predecessor, with the size of the market expanding so has the need to meet their demands, and there are many fans of modern FPS titles that’ll feel like a fish out of water in Duke Nukem Forever’s cocktail of logical puzzles and pathfinding.

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The Meerkat2540d ago

Graphics 6 (fair enough)
Sound 5 (should get a 7)
Originality 5 (should be 7-8)
Gameplay 9 (5 maybe 6)

Overall 86% (WTF!?)

Overall it should be a 6 or at most 7.

Petro2540d ago

Hahahaha... what the heck is wrong with that website. Nobody can give that abysmal game that big score!