EA might just have killed Battlefield 3

EA's Battlefield 3 has been garnering much attention lately and has been smooth sailing to say the least. But the latest announcement from EA, stating that the latest DLC is now available for pre-order at certain outlets with special bonuses when you do so, has received various protests and retaliation.

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MMFGaming2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Edit: didn't read the FAQ closely enough.

I_find_it_funny2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

reading this makes Bobby happy *devilish laugh*

HSx92540d ago Show
no_more_trolling2540d ago

i guess everybody should just shut up and have nothing to say right?

you sir, are a sheep. game companies love sheeple like u

Jezuz2540d ago

NOT every country has a pre-order option in case you didn't know. And don't say that I should just import from the internet cause shipping is just expensive.

HK62540d ago


You seem to be forgetting "Back to Karkand".

SephirothX212540d ago

Why an Asian intern?

Inside_out2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Did someone here say that is normal??? What a scam. Who would pre-order ANYTHING DLC related for a game they haven't even played yet???

No surprise EA would try and lock up as much people and money as possible in case, you know, the game is not as good as they are saying ESPECIALLY ON

Look, this game is going to launch a couple of weeks before MW3 because it's not as good, that is why they moved the release date up to October. NOW, EA is starting to realize that when MW3 launches, most people who bought Battlefield 3 will trade it in for MW3 and flood the market with used games, destroying the market for Battlefield 3. EA is trying to trap and force gamers to hold onto a game they don't want, especially on consoles. It's looks like it's lose/lose for EA.

btw...EA want to start charging for demo's as well...O_o...nice guys those EA people.

gamingdroid2540d ago

This surprises people why?

This is the company that had the EA Wife debacle. The same company that brought you:

- Online Pass. You know the thing that charges everyone some money (except the first gamer) for online play
- Made Limited Edition mean standard game, with a limited cover printing. Yes, the Limited Edition is the standard and only version out. Six months from now, they will make another version called Ultimate Edition with a little bit extra content.

EA is a wolf in sheep skin. Activision might charge you more for map packs, but it ain't hiding it! If I know it is a tiger, at least I can decide!!!

gedapeleda2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

They didn't kill bf every company did this with every upcoming game but bf gets noticed too mutch.Nothing to write about pressman ?

superrey192539d ago

The limited edition costs the same as standard edition people. If u preorder it, u get the dlc for free. If not, u pay later. If u buy it at certain stores u get bonuses. This is not new and this will not "kill" bf3. Don't get ur panties in a bunch, is all I can say.

AngryTypingGuy2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

What a bunch of friggin babies gamers are. Is it really necessary to get THAT upset over a few in-game weapons? If people want them that bad, then here's an idea: pull out a Lincoln and reserve the game.

And if you live in an area where this is not available... then here's openly laughing at you.

Honestly. Fellow gamers, close your eyes, think of something pleasant...maybe like the first time you beat Bowser and your princess WASN'T in another castle, for instance. Breathe in, 8...9...10, breath out, 8...9...10. Breathe in, 8...9...10, breath out, 8...9...10. Now don't you feel better? Of course you don't, because you're a bunch of BABIES!

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Trunkz Jr2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Really people are such babies and acting like this is the MW2 and no Dedicated Servers thing ~ This is NOT a game killer.

Marcello2540d ago

Yea talk about overreact, its not gonna kill the game just make alot of ppl complain & rightly so.

MW2 no Dedicated servers was a much bigger problem, i dont buy these type of games for the SP just for MP so if there`s no dedi`s then there`s no proper MP but ppl still bought it.

This kinda thing has happened before with BF2. 6 month after rls they offered us Special Force`s expansion pack with better weapons. If you didnt buy it were left at a disadvantge in BF2 but we found a workaround hihihihi i am sure it will happen again :P

FlashXIII2540d ago

No dedicated servers didn't do MW2 any favors.. didn't kill it off but you'll notice COD4 still has more people playing.

joydestroy2539d ago

i know. these guys must've put their panties on too tight this morning =P

still very excited about this game

MrCrimson2539d ago

This article is the most dramatized piece of garbage on this website. If N4G doesn't start cleaning up there act which this crap written by 13 year olds, I'm just going to stop coming here.

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Uzesgelen_Goo2540d ago

what's wrong with asians? atleast they better than you!

Organization XII2540d ago

what did he say? I cant view his comment O_o

RioKing2539d ago Show

I seriously feel like I am going crazy, Battlefield is not even close to being the first game to do this!? WHO CARES!? It's going to be an amazing game.

chriski3332539d ago

Whatever I think its great die hard fan will preorder battlefield 3 and get the dlc cause they like it ppl who play just for the hell of it or buy it later or used im sure they will not care

xtremeimport2539d ago

well, i guess people who just started playing Badcompany 2 and who only have access to the first set of guns should get immediate access to every gun so the higher ranks dont have the advantage right?......

Big_Dom2539d ago


your brain is inside out. You don't half chat some bollocks.

Theonetheonly2539d ago

i dont care im just gonna play it.

kakakakakarrand ill get when its like $1 online or ill just grab it from a torrent.

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xtreampro_REVENGE!2540d ago

I seriously don't give damn about DLC for any game. I don't ever plan on buying DLC this gen or the next.

Yi-Long2540d ago

... in fact, it's been a big reason for me to NOT buy certain games (Tiger Woods 12, Modnation Racers, now LA Noire, Split/Second, etc etc)

I either stop caring about them, or I'll wait for a complete/GOTY version to come out which I pick up from the bargain-bin. Like I did with Fallout 3 GOTY, Fable 2 GOTY, Forza 3 Ultimate, etc etc).

They want me to spend more money on their products, yet instead I spend considerably LESS money on it, because I'm NOT doing the whole DLC thing. Ever.

These are also often games I wouldn't have minded spending full-price on, if it weren't for the DLC.

hesido2540d ago


I share some of your sentiments. I too am a late buyer of DLC ridden games. But since there is no way of calculating the revenue lost by those companies, they think any DLC is added revenue.

I'm talking about non-cosmetic DLC, of course. I'm all for companies trying to make extra money by selling new-costumes, customization items, but things like DLC map packs for competitive MP games only divide the user base. Games with small amount of players are hit the worst, you buy a dlc, you cannot find anyone to play with. You wonder why you paid, and you are divided from the rest whether you buy it or not.

Yi-Long2540d ago

... I won't even buy it LATE. I'm not buying it AT ALL. It has to be on the disc or else I'm not buying it.

Good recent examples are Split/Second and Modnation Racers. I could have bought both games for 12,50 a piece, new.

Now, I really want these games. But when I see them in the store I just see an incomplete product, and I turn away from it. I can't make myself spend money on it, cause I know that Modnation is so much fun that I would want the DLC, and I wouldn't be buying it. Which will kinda ruin the whole experience for me.

Now, if they had made the promise that all future DLC would be FREE, I easily would have picked this up on releaseday for 60 bucks. Right now, they'd be happy to get 25 bucks from me, including DLC on the disc. If that ever happens.

keith-ps32540d ago

pandehz xtreampro_REVENGE im with u look at rock band paying 2.99 for a song what the! now look wat happened to rock band, gh dead why the hell would anyone pay for dum ass maps that should come with the game if they want to make more money why not make a new game and put those maps in the new game can any body fucking hear me!

keith-ps32540d ago

pandehz xtreampro_REVENGE im with u look at rock band paying 2.99 for a song what the! now look wat happened to rock band, gh dead why the hell would anyone pay for dum ass maps that should come with the game if they want to make more money why not make a new game and put those maps in the new game can any body [email protected]#king hear me!

killcycle2540d ago

I would pay £100 for some more Warhawk DLC..

KwietStorm2540d ago

I'll never understand why people are so adamant about not buying dlc. You'll never buy any? Ever? Why draw a line in the sand and generalize so strongly? You don't want to ever expand your game? Some is overpriced, some have better value, buy could you explain why you all are against the very idea?

TheGreat_12539d ago


I believe he did explain why he is against the very idea. He said he cannot do it because he looks at the product as an unfinished product.

And I completely agree with him, I have only purchased 1 DLC which was the map pack for COD4 but that was only because I knew I was getting my moneys worth.

This is the problem with the gaming industry, is the fan base is just a bunch of sheeps. DLC should either be free (like it use to be, which a lot of people don't even realize this) or sold at a much lower cost so it doesn't divide the user base.

Companies use to come out with expansions that were like another full game that only cost $15 now you're lucky to get 3 MP maps with that.

The sad part is, most of the DLC is developed before the game is even released, yet you are all for it? When again, developers use to put everything onto the disc and not do this DLC crap.

It's no different than lets say when buying a car for decades always consisted of A/C coming standard with no extra money then all of a sudden every car dealership starts taking the A/C's out and say you can buy it 6 months after you buy the car for a nice hefty price.

Would you be all for that idea? YES, I absolutely love a product that was finished but they took 1/4 of it out to charge me for it 6 months from now! I love these guys! I love this idea! Sorry about the rant, just seems rather absurd how some people think like this...

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Anti-Fanboyer2540d ago

Boycotting over a few little weapons, the things I could give a shit about. CRY MOAR!

RedDead2540d ago

It's the principle. Only this gen stuff like this happens. Only do it because they can do it.

killcycle2540d ago

Not all Companys.

Just milkers like EA, Capcom and Activision.

KwietStorm2540d ago

Of course only this generation this all happens. What other generation would it have taken place in?

Livin_in_a_box2540d ago

He's been to the future and seen that game companies don't try and make more money next generation, obviously.

MRHARDON2539d ago

Funny thing, Activison never did this yet for Call of Duty.

EA already tried to do this for BF2 but failed, now they are trying it again.

Well I am buying MW3 so I dont care about BF3.

BlackKnight2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )


PCs have had expansion packs for over a DECADE. You never had to worry about crap like this. You would pay 30 bucks to get: (This is based off the BF2 special forces exp pack)

-Eight maps (6 can be played in single player).
-10 new vehicles.
-New equipment - night vision goggles, tear gas, gas masks, zip lines and grappling hooks.
-8 more new weapons.
-5 new factions to play as.

This came out 5 months after the game came out. ALL of that just 5 months after. So no pre-ordering needed, not FORCING you to buy from certain stores, none of that crap.

Now we have to worry about a couple weapons and mods that can give an advantage (despite them saying it wont, why even do this then) and we can only pre-order and buy from certain stores to get them.


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Vaud-Villian2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Boycotting over free bonuses as well. If these people feel the incentive to preorder isn't worth it, then don't pre order it, but whining of an unfair advantage that everyone has equal opportunity to get, they just don't want to? That's just stupid.

Boycott conflict diamonds, electronics made in slave labor conditions or something of actual merit.

rustyspoon802540d ago

Well Said.
People are complaining that others will have an unfair advantage. Just pre-order then.
If not, surely you're going to receive an unfair advantage from all the people who are levels above you, who bought early.
DLC is not forced to you, if you dont like it dont buy it. I dont mind DLC, after a few months, it keeps the game fresh and provides longevity.

mastiffchild2539d ago

Oh, guys, you miss the point entirely. I DON'T WANT an unfair advantage myself OR the other guy having it if I'm buying a competitive(you know what I man) MP shooter-I moved to console shooters and away from gaming with K/M(which i'm better with both actually and relative to other gamers, it's a better control method in ultimate shooter terms AND one which happens to make me a better player compared to others when using K/M than I am compared to others when we all use a pad)on PC BECAUSE I as tired of the edge from this or that set up, from the edge people sought by painting out/desaturating backgrounds to highlight enemy players etc. I moved to consoles because I felt they offered, at a lower res and with fewer options for sure, a more level p[laying field and stuff like this goes directly against this for me.

Not everyone has the opportunity to preorder(depends how financially secure you asre and as a family man now disabled and unable to continue working at my career I'm among those too unsure of what cash I might have come release day for me to preorder a shooter that would be primarily for me and missus and when times are tight we two come after the kids needs. Sure, this isn't a massive deal on the surface but any little thing can affect balance in a shooter with this gun or that gun being unbalanced can make a mockery of a game and if that gun is only available via a preorder incentive then you could be giving a lot of people an insurmountable challenge for when they do have a month or week when they can spare the cash to splurge on a game which as a MP centric franchise they would HOPE to play for some time so an unbalanced/unfair game is less likely to have the legs it needs to support a decent community.

Also, it's just the thin end of the short sighted wedge EA seem obsessed with chasing with preorders and their terror of anyone getting a used copy of one of their online capable games. They seem ignorant to the fact used sales offer a way for honest gamers to stay in touch with their hobby/passion while skint or as kids/students with little income. Without this used crutch they will all(or many) drift away to other more accessible hobbies if this keeps up as you cannot magic cash out of thin air and will feel more well disposed to those pass times which allowed you to stay involved rather than one where the devs and publishers excluded and discriminated against you when you were poor.

I dunno about boycotting as you're caught between ,what, EA and Activision anyway? No winner there really as neither care about us but we DO need to say something when they discriminate and risk unbalancing a shooter which , in turn, may well wreck the future community of the game, franchise and ultimately gaming itself. It's a sign of what's to come - more greed and more draconian measures to get their pound of flesh-that's why it's a worry to my ind and another short sighted step fro an industry that doesn't seem to understand consumers or the fact every other industry has this kind of issue to deal with rather than making better and better games and realising the money that way-they already have us at a disadvantage because the nature of interactivity gaming has to begin with. they just need to serve that whole portion of their industry, and not use high jinks like this which, if nothing else, just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

It's not murder what they're doing but, equally, it's not right either. Not really, and not the best for gaming itself in the long run.

Eklohmyn2539d ago

No, it's not an equal fucking opportunity! Not everyone lives in the UK, where this shit is exclusive!

Also, some of us have supported EA and DICE since the beginning - we bought every single one of their Battlefield games, but we're not considered "loyal fans"? I'm sorry if I'm unable to pre-order your games, EA!

If the special weapons won't give anyone an advantage, what the hell is the point of adding them in?

jagstatboy2539d ago

people should boycott because it is extortion.

sergiospain2539d ago

It's not just "a few little weapons". It's that they are trying to screw us over. Today is a few weapons. People buy that and the next game they'll put exclusive maps only for preorders. Then it will be entire bunchs of the game left out just for people that pay X$ extra before the game comes out.

Really, are we that stupid? Are we seriously gonna allow this to go under the radar just because they are "a few little weapons"? Do you guys remember when we used to get TONS of content for each game FOR FREE? Because you seem to have.

If I'm not gonna have free mods and whatnot, at least let me have 100% OF THE GAME WHEN I BUY IT.

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blackhammer2540d ago

It's a sign. The future of video games has been a great concern for... well... since video games went mainstream.

Prepare to be MINDF**KED:

Things are not exactly going great in the gaming world.

GhettoBlasStarr2540d ago


That was the best piece I've read in awhile. Anyone that calls themselves a true gamer should read that... Its sad but so true.
**Bubbles up**

liquidhalos2540d ago

Thats a fantastic article, i agree with it 100% i just hope that his predictions for gaming dont come true, that would be sad as hell.

TheStee2540d ago

the only real issue I took with that articel is the idea that having an ironsights option in a first person game is somehow the beginning of the end. Fallout 3 without ironsights is whack. I want to be able to look down my sights when I'm playing an FPS, it makes complete sense.

harrisk9542540d ago

I think you missed the point.

Horny2540d ago

Thank you for that article. Good read. He made some good points and I have thought about a lot of the issues myself. I have no doubt that is going to be the future of video games. Unfortunatly or even fortunatly I won't be part of it. I'm already enjoying video game less due to all this dlc and having to use online codes to play and all that crap. Simplicity is key.

D0ffy2540d ago

I totally agree with most points this article gives. Great stuff, I love almost everything comes up with.

Though I love recurring entries in franchises, it is getting too much lately. Nintendo I'm looking at you, I love you to death, but do come up with a new IP once in a lifetime.

OT: This will not AT ALL keep me from buying BF3. It's not an appluasable direction EA is taking, but I don't see why you wouldn't buy the entire game because of this.

Bolts2540d ago

Dead on. This is the direction the industry is heading, in a sense it's the console's version of the PC's MMO market where their idea is to keep you paying forever.

However he's wrong about iron sights, they rock. I suppose we could go back to what we had before iron sights and thats a floating crosshair in the middle of the screen.

MetalFreakMike2539d ago

I feel the same way as that article about the direction of video games is going. PS3 and 360 might be the last consoles I collect games for because I'm getting the feeling that the next gen consoles are going to have a lot more fees going on than this gen.

I'm happy that they have HD collections coming out so I can finally put my PS2 away and just play everything off one console but after that then what? I like using controllers that you hit buttons to make things happen. I do not like the Kinect at all and would only use it as a Web Cam.

I feel this persons vision of the future will happen sooner than we all realize.

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GrumpyVeteran2540d ago

I find it annoying that from the get-go, the community will be fragmented between people who pre ordered (who get the karkland pack) and the people who didn't pre order the game and decides not to pay more $ than the initial $ of the game(and rightfully so).

It's just going to cause issues.