GMRFM Infamous 2 review

GMRFM take a look at Infamous 2 and see whether Cole can keep the magic going the second time around. This site uses a full 1-10 scale.

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stonecold32448d ago

terriable review to be honest

Orange2448d ago

4/10 for story is pure ridiculousness.

reaver2448d ago

Horrible review. I'm even wondering if he played the full game.Another no name site looking for hits.

Anarki2448d ago

Don't even bother clicking on it. Giving them hits is what they want...

WhiteLightning2448d ago

How can you give inFAMOUS 2 such a low score. It's a blast and the UGC will keep you on it for weeks

FunAndGun2448d ago

for real! I have played with the game for well over 20 hours and most of that was just playing with the creation tools.

The beast is still over 1000 miles away. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.