EA Rep Responds To Battlefield 3 Fan…Sends Gibberish

GameBlurb: "One of the many Battlefield 3 fans have canceled their pre-order and notified EA. The response…well it really didn’t make any sense."

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RahatR2715d ago

Does this guy have did he send an email like that lol.

S_C2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

The COD fanboys are out in force today, there all over this news like a tramp with chips, shame they werent like that when activision hiked up the price of DLC up in MW2.

Gordo7892715d ago

I don't think anybody but you thinks this has anything to do with Call of Duty.

2715d ago
HSx92715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

This email looks fake, and the author doesn't even provide proof that EA sent it to him, so it was most likely his friend who sent it to him to try and get hits to their new site.

Also notice the title it says "Fan", if he were really a fan why would be be canceling his pre-order to a game? More like unsatisfied customer, than a fan.

This site is full of BS and is just looking for visitors.

Gamer_Z2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

They need to announce some kind of pack for the US region too or I can see this getting really ugly. BF3 fans are no push overs they actually care about the game unlike some people... coughCOD xP

I_find_it_funny2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

it was written by a MONKEA

Jake_Butler2715d ago


"This site is full of BS and is just looking for visitors".

bubbles up

jaidek2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )


DragonKnight2715d ago

Ok, so this is what I get from their response. Seems that the person responding got the misunderstanding that person was upset about the Beta code and didn't understand that it was about the DLC holding back part of the game. The email says that the Beta code will be shared with gamers via the developers and asks for the person who sent the email to be patient for their Beta code. This makes me think that EA Customer support get a lot of Beta code requests and just decided to send an automated response of some sort.

Anyone else pick that up from the message or is it just me?

european_cannon2715d ago

© 2011 "Battlefield" and "Battlefield 3" are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts and/or Digital Illusions CE AB"

NICE! The e-mail is an auto reply not even from EA. who approved this nonsense?

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a08andan2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

This wasn't hard to understand. The person who wrote this does not have dyslexia, he/she is probably native in another language than English. Not all languages puts words in the same order as you do when saying the same thing in English.

Focker4202715d ago

I'm pretty sure hes talking about the player count difference between the consoles and PC versions.

Or if I get this correctly, the jets won't be fighting any of the troops on the actual battlefield, just other jets in the sky. I don't know if this is actually the case in the game but its possible thats what he is talking about.

Or, and this is probably the actual reason, hes mad that they are doing separate pre-order DLC for different retailers.

mistajeff2715d ago

I'm sure EA outsources their customer service to companies in other countries for cheap labor, like most corporations do these days. English was clearly not this person's first language, and they probably didn't even know what the email they responded to even meant because of how vague it sounds. I highly doubt the company EA enlists for customer service briefs their representatives on pre-order DLC.

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gameseveryday2715d ago

Good stuff by EA....first they plan to loot the gamer's hard earned money and when we require an explanation they send this in.


NiceGuy1922715d ago

Tbh, if you're looking to get an official statement on stuff like this from customer support, you must be pretty stupid.

Mr Patriot2715d ago

Hahaha nailed it, bubbles

jaidek2715d ago

amazing, it is like they used a random paragraph generator:

The flaw poisons Battlefield 3 after the timed dead. Battlefield 3 tolls the inverse next to the amateur cyclist. How can a table wed a brass? Code remarks Battlefield 3. Code overloads Battlefield 3.

MicrocutsX22715d ago lmao. Sounds like an epic poem.

RedDead2715d ago

What is this about DLC can anyone tell, haven't been paying much attention recently

Foxgod2715d ago

Maybe their customer support is located in India or something.

gameseveryday2715d ago

I am an Indian...and to be honest we are way smarter than the reply you just saw :D

DarkFantasy2715d ago

smarter ? ..maybe but we still can't understand any of you XD!

news4geeks2715d ago Show
PS360PCROCKS2715d ago

"I just wish we didn't have to talk on the phone to you guys."

lmao so true. They're generally really nice and helpful though. Much better than our government, anyone from the south or any DMV office.

Ja555on2715d ago

@Kon making good use of that one bubble of yours i see

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koehler832715d ago

Looks like a canned response run through Google Translate.

Paralex2715d ago

At least we know that Infinity Ward doesn't have this HORRIBLE customer support. This is why BF3 will fail, SMH. MW3 >>> _____

NarooN2715d ago

BF3 will fail? You have no fucking idea what you're talking about. Battlefield fans are actually smart, they don't buy recycled bullshit. Many people still play BF2.

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