Star Wars: The Old Republic @ E3 | First Impressions (

Patrick of dishes out his impressions on Star Wars: The Old Republic and reveals some information sussed from David Bass and Daniel Erickson, Senior Community Coordinator with Bioware™ and lead writer for The Old Republic™ respectively.

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AronDeppert2503d ago

This game looks super sweet!

Moduserous2503d ago

Especially the news about Bounty Hunters getting Jawa companions. LoL!

RoboRyan2503d ago

Between 200-300 hours of gameplay per class and a completely different experience for every class? And I though Fallout was life consuming.

Desert Turtle2503d ago

When I hit a Storm Trooper with my lightsaber, I better be able to cut its head off!

RoboSpiff2503d ago

there are no stormtroopers in this game.