Amazon expands collection of Console and PC Event

This week is the week for console gamers and P.C. gamers over at Amazon as they slash the prices on quite a few big games and big accessories. There are a lot to choose from but some of the bigger deals are Portal 2, Halo Reach, Killzone 3: Helghast Edition for the price of the game alone, a lot of great headset choices and more. Click the source link below to find out the entire list.

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SarahFox2658d ago

anyone have an opinion on the turtle beach headsets, cause i really want them bad

THWIP712658d ago

...until I realized they still use the same crappy 2.4 GHz frequency, which is EXTREMELY prone to interference with WiFi, and is the source for all the popping in previous models. I had to sell my X41s and go back to wired X11s because of that crap.

SarahFox2658d ago

i was going to get the PX21 with the 7.1 in surround sound. Do they have the same problems?

THWIP712658d ago

No, those will be fine, as they are wired....USB connected and powered...and not wireless. Those are the newer versions of my X11s, but with 7.1 instead of 5.1. Should work fine...if you don't mind being tethered. I rarely use mine, because the wire always gets in the way. :o

BeastlyRig2658d ago

yes they are made with real organic turtle.

despair2658d ago

helghast edition for $60.00..count me in..about time I think I got Killzone 3.