Hands on with the PS Vita (

GB: "There was so much to see at E3 and, as always, no one person can see everything, even with the help of a media badge and appointments. The one thing I wanted, as many others did, was to get their hands on was the new PS Vita (formerly known as the NGP or the next PSP). It is truly an amazing handheld device having dual sticks as well as a touch pad on the back. It seems you couldn't be more comfortable and in control with the Vita. As much as I got to play it, which was after the Sony Press Conference and at E3, I just couldn't stay away from Uncharted: Golden Abyss even though I did get to try other games for it. Uncharted: Golden Abyss was demoed at the Sony Press Conference which I am sure most of you saw, but since I played that title the most, I will start off with that one."

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MasterCornholio2688d ago

No doubt about it my handheld money is getting spent on this thing. Viva la Vita