Rational Gamers discusses "Reviews: The Existential Debate."

"All I know is Borderlands is 8.8, the cusp of being great for it's lack of story. Yet Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a 9.5, a slightly flawed masterpiece in IGN's eyes. Yet if you re-read those last two sentences don't those scores and follow-through seem inter-changeable between those two games."

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5119ent2688d ago

reviews are jokes...if it aint a 9 people dont think its good...MAG is a very good game and look at its score....REviews are so bias and jerks

gamingdroid2688d ago

I like the article and a glaring snafu by IGN!

SahFriendly2688d ago

I just hate how reviews are handled in the industry right now, and it would be awesome to be part of figuring out a better reviewing system.