E3 2011: Ultimate Booth Babe Round Up Gallery

VG Cosplay: "Booth Babes, they're as much a part of the annual Electronics and Entertainment Expo as the games we all go there to see. Some people might look at Booth Babes as just contracted and paid cosplayers who might detract from the games they are there to advertise, but there's no denying that gamers love to see them. We all remember the backlash when E3 tried to take them away for a couple years. Thankfully we don't have to go with out anymore. VG Cosplay has compiled the ultimate gallery of all the best booth babes from the 2011 E3 show and we think this might have been the best year ever."

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GunShotEddy2449d ago

Those Saints Row girls were amazing! G4TV had some impressive "babes" too.

jonlynch2449d ago

I loved the "Teet Me" girls.

GunShotEddy2449d ago

Yea, but what were they promoting? Sorry. Doesn't matter, ha

RedDragan2449d ago

It's that NOS girl for me, with the fake glasses. Don't know why, women in glasses does it for me!


Bolts2449d ago

Agree. The Saints Row girls clearly won E3, followed by G4. Good job guys!

StbI9902449d ago

Whos da fcking idiot who post girl pic and doesn´t even give her facebook link? really, fail article, xD

frameflip2448d ago

Yes, Saints Row girls FTW.

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kennykramer2449d ago

Too bad MX vs ATV isn't as well put together as the THQ booth babe advertising the game.

charlescox42449d ago

Best year of E3 booth babes to date.

Count2449d ago

They don't actually play games, just clarifying.

RedDragan2449d ago

One year there was a porn star there.... and she is known as a gamer. It was why she was there, but... considering some of the people who go are quite young it might not have been most tasteful move to have her be a booth babe lol.

Still... I would tap it. XD

Lucky12449d ago

You're speaking about Jo Garcia, Playboy's GamerNextDoor. She at least knows what she's talking about, as opposed to some of these booth babes at the convention (I know since I asked them a few questions and they stared at me blankly). Also, considering the convention is supposed to be 17 years and older... these boys are not so young that they haven't heard of Playboy.

Anyway, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly booth babe photos get many views on N4G :) And yes, I clicked on this link because I wanted to read the comments (shocker!).

RedDragan2448d ago

I'll be honest, I clicked the link to check out the totty. :(

SuperStrokey11232449d ago

I remember the patchter story about the hookers being booth babes lol

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The story is too old to be commented.