The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Review (Modojo)

Kristan Reed (Modojo): Confession time: I'm one of those terribly snarky unbelievers who thinks Zelda wasn't really worth bothering with until Link To The Past. Burn the witch! But even if you violently disagree and wish to replace my eyes with hot toffee apples, you can't deny Link's Awakening is among the finest games ever to grace the humble Game Boy.

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FFSamurai052655d ago

With full respect to the author all readers will find is "I really, really liked this game when it came out" written over and over again. It doesn't offer any insights into things you'd look for in a port such as frame rate, sound quality, control issues, or the like. The author does mention it's expensive but without saying what that price is I have absolutely no idea what he's talking about. While the included video is nice there really isn't any indication that it didn't come from the original title rather than this port. It's a good article if he was intending to announce the title's release but since it's a review it falls several steps below the mark.

Still, while he lacks a critical eye here he does show the makings of writing greatness and I look forward to seeing him progress.