Sony: PlayStation Vita Price Decided 3 Years Ago

According to Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, the price for the company’s new handheld had been decided very early on.

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Dart892739d ago

This thing will sell like hot cakes at this price.Can't wait to get it.

sikbeta2739d ago

Price definitely seals the deal and with the support its getting, man, It's going to be awesome to be a PSVita owner :D

theonlylolking2739d ago

They should have revealed the price when they first revealed the console.

CynicalVision2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Most companies do the same thing, first by revealing the product (thus making the consumer interested) and then reveal the price at a later date.

It's a great selling technique, you make the product desirable by showing off it's features and once the consumer has already been convinced then you reveal the price.

Xof2739d ago

That just makes Sony sound really, really stupid.

What if manufacturing costs ended up being much higher or lower than expected?

What if, you know, there was some sort of global economic crisis, or string of natural disasters, that left vast numbers of consumers with less disposable income than before?

What if inflation continues, but wages remain constant?

a08andan2739d ago

Or what if the decided price was used when planning what kind of hardware they would put in the Vita? By deciding it early, they could make sure that they would not include technology that would make them lose money per sold unit.

pinkyxyz2739d ago

the answer is so simple that it makes your question sound ignorant imo

StbI9902739d ago

You sure sony is the really really stupid here?

BLAKHOODe2739d ago

Determining a price-point beforehand kept them inline with what they could and could not do with this system. Why spend money developing the thing only to discover in order to make a dollar, they're going to have to sell it for $1000? This was a SMART move on Sony's part.

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majiebeast2739d ago

From what i hear from some interviews the price was the first thing they decided and then they asked developers to pitch ideas.

Burning_Finger2739d ago

Sony's has been doing this strategy since the beginning of Playstation 1. Selling the console for a fraction lost but gaining profits overtime when the materials for production becomes cheaper.

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