Duke Nukem Forever Review - writes: "So, after 14 years in development, Duke Nukem Forever actually happened. I was a virginal, bespotted 11-year-old when the game was originally announced in 1997, desperately eager for a continuation of the off-colour humour and explorative design I adored in Duke Nukem 3D. With the complete product finally in my 24-year-old hands, a celebratory occasion in itself after such a tumultuous development, I can safety say that such anticipation was completely and entirely undeserved."

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Droid Control2715d ago

Its a crap game, but its Duke.

What do you expect for a pretty PS1 game?

Apollyn2715d ago

I rather enjoyed it :(

TheEatingChampagne2715d ago

No no it wasn't in development for 14 years.. Only for two

Semir2715d ago

Shitty game deserves 4/10