Alienware: OnLive still an "embryo"

It seems Alienware is not worried at the prospect of service like OnLive threatening it's business.

Speaking to Strategy Informer, Alienware's European Brand Manager, Daniel Chorbit, mused on how the pro-gamer audience probably wouldn't trust OnLive not to affect their playing experience.

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searchbuzz2654d ago

Nice story, although a little short. Lots to talk about with OnLive :)

RankFTW2654d ago

I really do prefer having my own dedicated hardware other than streaming my PC games.

SilentNegotiator2654d ago

Definitely. No control delay, poor video quality, or lag for me.

Kamikaze1352654d ago

I tried OnLive...and even with FIOS the quality is horrible. The image quality of the games are Youtube quality (at its lowest) and there is a half a second lag with controls. Plus I can never imagine paying full retail price for a game I can't enjoy to the fullest because of this.

ExPresident2654d ago

Tried it and didn't like it. The thought of paying for a game that I'm told I may not be able to play in a few years really, really put me off.

That and the quality just isn't good enough.

MisterAV2654d ago

There are people that use cable mouse because wireless add some lag in FPS.
Hardcore people will never use OnLive...

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