E3 2011: Wii U 'arriving 2 years too late', has 'dumbest name ever' - Pachter

The industry's best known analyst, Wedbush Securities' Michael Pachter, has offered his verdict on this year's E3 show, calling the expo an event that "continues to get better and better", while damning Nintendo's Wii U plans.

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dude_meister2538d ago

I gotta agree, this is by far the worst name ever. I know we all say that for every new console name, but the Wii-U is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Why didn't they just call it the Wii 2?

Fishy Fingers2538d ago

I guess as its new format (controller) is designed for a single user thats the 'U' or 'you' and the backwards compatibility is the 'Wii', so technically, Wii [for] U. That's the only way I can get my head around it anyway.

I_find_it_funny2538d ago

Kinda agree WiiU is kinda stupid, but so was Wii itself lol.

I expected Wii2 to be named SuperWii :)

NewMonday2538d ago

2 weeks ago he was saying "Vita" was the dumbest name ever

Jezuz2538d ago

Yeah, Nintendo and Sony have been giving weird names to be their consoles now. Lets see what name MS will give when they have a new console.

Venatus-Deus2538d ago

It’s a great name from a marketing point of view.

You keep the Wii brand identity and play on the family oriented ‘We’ ‘You’ message in future campaigns.

If I was in charge of the marketing for the new console the first thing I’d ask is how we can keep the ‘Wii’ name and save millions in brand awareness and recognition.

badz1492538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Super Wii Two = SWiiT!

but honestly...both are equally ridiculous! just find a new name Nintendo! you have spun Mario into many genres most gamer can think of (except FPS) but for your next console, Wii U is all you've got?!

nikoado2538d ago

Maybe they should have called it "Wii 2 U"

At least that would help distinguish it from the Wii.

Ju2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Wii 2 u ? Nah, does make sense, what about "Wii 4 u" ;)

Nintendo just created that great Wii name which surprisingly caught on pretty well, and they couldn't let go, for obvious reasons. WiiU is a stupid solution for the problem. But people adopt pretty fast to those artificial names, happens with cars all the time.

sikbeta2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Granted, wii-u name can't be more Lame, now about arriving 2 years later, it'll arrive in 2012, the time where Sony and MS would probably begin to talk about Next Gen...

frostypants2538d ago

It's not just the name of the Wii-U that's bad, it's that the console is a strategic misstep by Nintendo.

It doesn't have that innovative "hook" that the Wii had. I mean, the controller does some cool stuff, but it's not at that level of simplistic practicality that makes it a must have for grandpa. He'll still be happy with his old Wii.

Nintendo seems to understand this, hence their implication that they are going to go toe-to-toe with MS/Sony for the core gamer market (by showing clips of PS3 games as their demo). MASSIVE issue here being that unless the machine is significantly more powerful than the 360/PS3, no core gamer will see the need to make the jump. Alternatively, even if they did have that hardware advantage, it's possible that they pull a "Dreamcast" and hit the market too soon, and the entire core gamer market ignores them whilst waiting for the 720/PS4.

gaffyh2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

@Sik - I wouldn't even be slightly surprised if the next Xbox and PlayStation come out in 2013, that's why I think the Wii-U is pointless.

Breadisgood2538d ago

I think Wii originally was a daft name, but I think Wii U fits with what they've established.

Considering their main market and everything I think it's a pretty decent name.

Vita is worse in my opinion.

jeseth2538d ago

If they would have called it the Ninetendo NES people would have been going crazy.

It would've brought all the nostalgia and memories of yesteryear to system with great new tech.

Instead its the Wii U .... crickets ..... what a let down.

Just imagine the eruption if they would have said ... "here is the NEW Nintendo Entertainment System!!!"

Would have been Epic!

DrRichtofen2538d ago

I think the WiiWii would have been a better name

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Count2538d ago

Uh huh.

You're the same person that said the Wii was last gen, so tell me, who's winning the console race? Last I checked it wasn't Microsoft, nor was it Sony.

Anyway, as for ''dumb name'', what do you think ''Pachter'' is? It's neither smart nor clever.

And well, I don't even think that I need to bring up YOUR user name, so let's leave it at that.

Count2538d ago

He should be mad over your baseless assumption.

frostypants2538d ago

Count, you're living in yesterday. Nintendo won on the sales side of things because they wowed casuals with motion controls. That doesn't impress anybody anymore, and nothing we've seen so far of the Wii-U would indicate that it will have anywhere near the impact on the casual market that the Wii had.

The Wii was lightning in a bottle. The Wii-U betrays a level on confusion on Nintendo's part as to what they really want to do. If they want to get core gamers back, they'll need a lot more than a controller that amounts to a gimped PS Vita.

OmegaSlayer2538d ago

Yeah, WiiU outdumbs Vita :p, still I wouldn't say anything like that if my surname was Pachter...
And yes, it's 2 years late.
And "probably" PS3+PSVita will be able to already do what WiiU can offer before WiiU releases.

kneon2538d ago

It would be much more expensive to go the PS3+Vita route but at least you can use more than one Vita at a time.

I think the people in charge at Nintendo don't have more than 1 kid. If you have kids you know that having a console that only has one of the "cool" controllers is going to lead to trouble. No one is going to want to use the Wiimote when there is the new controller around, let the fighting begin :)

NeoBasch2538d ago

PS3+Vita might be more expensive, but Vita is also a handheld with its own game library. The WiiU Controller is not a handheld and as a result can only be used with the WiiU library.

PS3 + Vita Library > WiiU Library
...but PS3 + Vita $ > WiiU $

Unless of course the PS3 drops price and the Wii U is jacked up to $400 or so. Imagine buying the controller separately o_O and then x_x

OmegaSlayer2537d ago

If you have already an HD system like the PS3, you only have to buy Vita instead of buying a new console ;)

Inside_out2538d ago

The new names are brutal but I said the same thing about the Nintendo Wii and now it's not that bad...Honest...O_o...I was lost during the Nintendo Press event. I thought the console was the Luigi's mansion STILL gets played around here and it's just sad that it's not a full release and why the heck did it take so long. the original came out in 2001...o_O

Seriously, in terms of new announcements, I really like the Sony hand held. I have a PsP 3000 and the lack of a second stick has always been a complaint going back many years and now it's finally here. I hope they have some descent launch titles. The whole " molesting " of the back of the PS Vita seems a bit strange but I look forward to some great FPS action. Sony really needs to extend a hand to Activision and get COD on that device for launch. Imagine all those sales of COD transferring over to the Vita and having COD Elite on there so people could keep track of their stats and others from anywhere in the world...big opportunity if Sony doesn't blow it but this whole EA Vs Activision complicates things significantly.'s Sony's hand held for me. This thing looks like it could rule the world. M$ should suck it up and port Halo Anniversary edition on to that thing, fanboys be damned. Instant 10 million seller with multi-player to boot...I know, Sadly, it would never would happen.

sprayNpray2538d ago

I'm with you, during the Nintendo conference it just seemed like they were revealing a new controller for the Wii. Then I kept hearing them say "new console" and I was like, "wait, is the controller the new console or did i miss something???"

Plus, the stream I was watching had a live chat and everyone seemed to be confused about the same thing.

Poor job on Nintendo's part.

ElementX2538d ago

Well, if you think about it... a U is basically Roman Numeral II with the bottom connected. So Wii II becomes Wii U :P

ElementX2538d ago

Oh come on, I wasn't serious. The name does suck!

JsonHenry2538d ago

I can't believe I find myself agreeing with this guy.

tigertron2538d ago

I can't believe myself agreeing with Pachter, but hes right. Nintendo has been very late offering an HD console with similar specs to a generation which started back in 2005. The name is stupid in my opinion, they should have gone with a totally different name, like the Gamecube and the N64.

Bravo42538d ago

He's damn right. (Did I just say that?)

StbI9902538d ago

This guys was saying that the best and most catchy name ever aka ¨Vita¨ was the dumbest and so it was bound to fail...

Fu this guy and his stupid brain man.

- Viva la Vitaaa!

thesummerofgeorge2538d ago

WiiU just makes me think of 'Pee-ew' ... You know, what Bugs Bunny (or any old cartoon character) would say when something stinks.

My biggest beef with the name is that the 'U' comes right after a vowel, so it just sounds like one word weeeooo. It's just the most unbadass sounding name ever.

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RedDragan2538d ago

Oh dear, thats it. Patcher has spoken and thus.... Wii U will now become biggest selling console of all time.

funktion_d2538d ago

lol. i donno i rarely agree with him, but i acutally do this time.

Squall50052538d ago

I wish I could get paid for stating obivious.

edhe2538d ago

That'll be why you don't :D

Fox012538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

You'll need to have a Master's degree in Economics first.

Whatever... you still need that Master's degree kid.

And BTW he does all these videogame predictions for fun, that's not what he gets paid for.

Squall50052538d ago

I need to master typing and proof-reading first.

Squall50052538d ago

Calm down Grandma, we're only having a bit of fun.

I don't come here for career advice

killershadow1172538d ago

Sadly he actually does get paid to make these predictions.

richierich2538d ago

I totally agree with Pachter

badz1492538d ago

that statement of yours sounds so ridiculous to my ears! agreeing with Pachter is so unorthodox but this time around Nintendo seems to have made him kinda...erm..."RIGHT" ;!

Darkseeker2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Well, it's more then 2 years late, it's the same as the PS3 and 360 and we had those for 5-6 years. Can't wait to see what Sony and Microsoft will do for the actual next generation.

Fishy Fingers2538d ago

Hardware wise Nintendo are always late to the party, although you could argue thats how they've actually been the one thats making money.

Count2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Nintendo uses their brain instead of their brawn.

That's how they've been the one making the money.

edhe2538d ago

"Nintendo uses their brain instead of their brawn. "
Really? You *honestly* think that?

Go home.

If they were using their brain they'd have a working online shop! They'd be releasing yearly updates on their key franchises and adopting a stance that helps 3rd parties!

Jeez. Kids eh?

D0ffy2538d ago


Though I agree that Nintendo needs to step-up their game to bring back "core" gamers, you can't argue with sales figures. Nintendo was smart enough to attract the "casual" crowd and make tons of money on that, so I would call that "using their brain". This is a business you know, and for the most part, those who make the most money often have the smartest strategics.

Not saying this Wii U thing will prevail no matter what, but calling them dumb (I know you didn't say that directly) is ignorant.