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Infamous 2 is the long awaited sequel of Infamous. Where the player again takes the reigns of Cole MacGrath a man who through events beyond Cole's control ended up with electrical super powers.


In light of some of the negative comments surrounding the 'Low Score' for the game:

1.) This score is the personal opinion of the journalist who produced this article and The Play Vault has NO set scoring method or system because reviews are only the opinions of the person who played it. You form your own opinions as a player and if you like a game that a reviewer does not like then it should not and will not stop you from playing and enjoying it.

2.) The review is fair because he mentions the positive aspects of the game such as it actually being fun and having a good story with an array of cool powers but then also picks up on the negative aspects of the game such as the screen tears during some explosions, awkward inclusion of certain story related points (plague spreading) and the and the over familiarity that this game is too much like the original to stand in it's own right.

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MinusTheBear2717d ago

Watch this get put up on Metacritic.

Drekken2717d ago

Oh no, that would make this game bad!

Max_Dissatisfaction2717d ago

pretty sure this site is not on metacritic

Hoje03082716d ago

Couldn't care less what these guys have to say about the game. I own it and it's the best game I've played in a long time. That's my opinion which, to me, is the only one that matters. Anyway, I'm going back to my evil playthrough on hard, now that I've found all them damn blast shards.

Reibooi2716d ago

Bottom line any review that rates Infamous 2 lower then the original is a troll site. The game improves on the original in every single way a game can improve upon itself and it's a incredible game.

The leap in quality is Uncharted to Uncharted 2 level. It's really incredible. These sites that have been giving the game lower or average scores are trolls simple as that. There are no issues I have found with the game in any way and when it improves over the original(which was awesome) in every way scores like this are just laughable.

Redempteur2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

that's it .. everything is better .. the pathfinding , the design , the variety of the missions , the powers , the way you can change it on the fly to play exactly like you want it ...awesome.

Jonmau52716d ago

Not a troll site at all, the majority of the games our writers have reviewed and played have had very high scores along the lines of 9 and 10.

This score is the personal opinion of the article writer.

VictoriousB132716d ago

"Bottom line any review that rates Infamous 2 lower then the original is a troll site."


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ZBlacktt2716d ago

Games not a 6 at all. A good 8.5 to 9 is fair.

TheDivine2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

So your opinion (near perfect) is fair and others arnt? Id say its a 7 lowest and maybe 8.5 max but i wont bash this review cause its an opinion. Remember a 6 is a litle above average so 6 isnt horrible its just not great. I really enjoy in2 and if it got straigt 6's and 7's id enjoy just as much s i am. A good score is fair LOL.
BTW i dnt agree w 6 but who cares?

ZBlacktt2716d ago

If you don't care. Then why are you posting? I got this game little over a week before it came out. So I was ahead of most in playing it. I loved iF1 and Plated the game like most. I know 2 is not prefect. But it's added graphic's, weapon skills and game play is just like I stated. Yes, this is my opinion. Even the guy who wrote this didn't make it sound to be all that bad.

TKCMuzzer2716d ago

I wish people would stop saying it's an opinion. It's a review, end of. It critics the game and gives a score.
A review is there to benefit those who have yet to play the game and are looking for guidance. It is then important if your to review a game you show consistency. e.g. he gives the game a 6/10 then goes on to say as soon as he finished the game he restarted all over again. How many AAA games can you say that about let alone a 6/10 game.
My opinion: It's better than the first and if you like that you will love this.

phoenixdown2716d ago

they can't stop cole anyway.

Holeran2716d ago

Just don't click on the link someone is fishing for hits.

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