Pedal To The Metal: Forza 4 Screenshots From The Top Gear Circuit

Now you can be a star, except not in a 'reasonably priced car' - but in a supercar of course, that's just how Forza 4 on the Xbox 360 rolls.

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flipmop442745d ago

forza and the cars i wish i could afford, maybe one day!

DasTier2745d ago

Now you can be a star, except IN a reasonable priced car

DasTier2745d ago

Lolz at disagreeing with fact.

lolpidian2745d ago

I have high hopes for Forza 4. Since GT turned out to be half of what the developers have promised, it is Forza's turn to shine again. One of the best racing series.

zootang2745d ago

Half of GT5 still has more features than Forza 3 so how can you complain?

The_Ultimate_Guy2745d ago

No it doesn't.

GT5 seriously lacks proper core features for a racing sim.

Throwing in 3D and oil changing are redundant "features".

kza2745d ago

How can this be better than GT5 the xbox is old tech how can it be?

goodguyswin2745d ago

Time is money my friend and for me GT5's loading times were outrageous! How is that new tech for you?! :)

kza2745d ago

Yeah i agree about the load times but the detail and research that went into each car theres no way Forza can match that!

GodGinrai2745d ago

@ KZA.

yet forza cars have far more feel than GT5`s..The ONLY thing GT has over forza is its car models.and even then were talking about the hi def ones.not the other "PS2" models that make up the majority of GT5`s roster,and anyways its all about the handling..which forza beats GT not going to get into features...GT5 is embarrasing on that front. maybe when GT6 comes it will be the game that GT5 should have been. But GT5 is dissapointing..feels far too clinical for its own good..and the cars still lean towards understeer. not a trait i associate with 300+BHP rear wheel drive cars...speaking from experience on that one, mate.

DasTier2745d ago

Maybe gt5 has substandard developers?

lolpidian2745d ago

I believe it is not about the standards, it is about rushing the titles to quarterly finance reports. For big companies, it is mostly about keeping a rather standard level of quality and releasing titles like a water pump pumping gallons of water. I believe same happened with GT.

2742d ago
qwertyz2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

the ps3 is old tech as well do you now how powerful pcs are compared to your shitty consoles ? if you did you'll weep. we're in 2011 your consoles are ancient go build a pc look at battlefield 3 a true example of what pcs would be doing in many games if crappy consoles didn't exist. consoles are holding back pc development. pc reigns SUPREME

jesscamegan2745d ago

The pics at the Top Gear track look so cool! I am not into racing games at all, but I love Top Gear! Do you get to drive as the Stig?

BlackKnight2745d ago

They say the he is drivable in Forza 4....

On the PS3 verison.

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