eDragon goes into Closed Beta Phase

DSOGaming writes: "Lekool has launched the closed beta testing for their latest MMO game, eDragon. eDragon is a MMO RPG/RTS hybrid and features guilds, a slave system, dungeons to explore, level rankings, pets that can be trained and multiple races and classes to choose from."

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zeal0us2689d ago

Think I'll pass. Browser base games don't live long/don't manage to get enough profit this day and age unless you built up a fan-base years back.

Jagex(runescape) have manage to do that pretty well, same goes for Artix Entertainment(adventure quest, AQ worlds, mechquest, dragon quest and etc) also manage to pull this off but look where they both started at. During a time high-end mmos was just giving birth and ppl was still using dailup(some still do today).