E3 2011: Sony 'always open' to third-party PS3 exclusives

But SCEE boss thinks exclusive focus is declining

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VampiricDragon2658d ago

tell that to people who buy systems, decide why to buy 1 system over another.

AdrianHD2658d ago

A heavy reason why 360s are still selling is because you go to the console all of your friends have. Sure, exclusives matter to you and me, but to the guy down the street who just wants to play some Madden or Call of Duty, it depends on what his friends have.

EVILDEAD3602658d ago

Jeff K. said Agent is all but confirmed by Sony head honchos as a multi-plat..but even though Last Guardian will inevitably be shown at TGS, it would have been amazing to see new footage @ E3


SockMaster2658d ago



My freinds dont care about uncharted 2 or Demon Souls, they just want Fifa and CoD with freinds.

You hit the nail on the head!

Septic2658d ago

Funny, the opposite is true down my end (UK)

Around 90% of my friends who have a PS3 only use it to play 'mainstream' multiplatform games like FIFA or COD or blu-ray movies and those with the 360 are the ones that play it more seriously (online and otherwise)

TBM2658d ago

Well for me the deciding factor is the exclusives as they define what that console is about. There's no point in owning multiple systems if they all have the same games.

I own all three consoles this gen, but when next gen is in full swing i'll probably be owning two or maybe even one. And my decision will be based on variety, quality, and not some notion that something is popular, and everyone has it.

I basically know which system(s) i'll be owning for the next round of gen consoles.

catguykyou2658d ago

I suspect that the Console manufacturers will always only release games that are just for their system. This should be reason enough to pick up more than one console.

vsr2658d ago

Actually exclusives validates a console purchase, Otherwise you can buy the cheapest console and play the ports.

baodeus2658d ago


I think you are on to something there.....

ct032658d ago

There are dozens of Blu-ray player brands and models. But no exclusive movies that only work on Sony models.

There are dozens of MP3 players and cell phones. But no exclusive MP3 songs that only work on Sony models.

There are dozens of car brands. But no exclusive roads that are only open to Toyota cars.

Exclusives must die.

ravinash2658d ago

The first two of your examples are media formats. the whole point is to make the media standard.
As for cars, they’re not relying on market share it get software sales later on.

If consoles were standard, then games will be made for the lowest common denominator.
And we would see things bluray, Motion controls or live come into the market.

Killzone3Helghast2658d ago


woah there boy.. don't wanna use LOGIC for someone who can't comprehend even basic grade 1 math

Ducky2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

^ Why is grade one math a pre-requiste for logic? O.o

ct032658d ago

Come on Sony boys, a few more disagrees please. Exclusives are teh best. We get to play stuff others can't play. We are so awsum.

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edhe2658d ago

Tell that to publishers who don't see the point in cutting off a huge potential market.

Would you spend more money on something that will get more sales? or would you invest your company's time and energy onto one platform that could have a massive network wide shutdown at any point and destroy your business plan?

FunAndGun2658d ago

Ninja Theory with Heavenly Sword and Enslaved is a pretty good example.

catguykyou2658d ago

I think a lot of focus is shifting from exclusive games to exclusive content and features.

For example, you may buy cod3 on the 360 for its exclusive dlc. Or LA Noir on PS3 for the exclusive mission. Much cheaper than funding an entirely exclusive game. Also it seems to have the same general effect.

Exclusive features like xbox being able to stream netflix for a while before the other consoles gained that feature. Sony's online browser. Xbox cross game chat.

These things help people pick what console they are going to buy.

showtimefolks2658d ago

we all need to understand one thing games cost a lot of make now a days with 2-4 years of development time and each year costing around 20 plus million.

as much as activision loves MS's money for exclusive dlc they know that their game has over 10million install base on ps3 too so taht's why those are always timed exclusives

3rd party exclusive are a dying breed but 3rd party exclusive content/dlc is the new exclusive. The problem with exclusive content is only hardcore games know its exclusive casuals will buy whatever there friends are playing. just dance selling more than alan wake,heavy rain,dead space 2 etc,,,,

that's why sony in my opinion are in the best position to have success moving forward along with nintendo.

imagine this:

ps4 launching with uncharted 5,killzone 4,resistance 4,new ratcheetc,,,,

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disturbing_flame2658d ago

With Wii U arriving it's gonna be more and more the case to see all third parties not going exclusive.
With a game released on 3 platforms, you make more money than a game released on one.

iamnsuperman2658d ago

This generation as a hole has been like this. I do not blame them they can get more money not being exclusive. Exclusives is going to stay with first party and not the third party

VampiricDragon2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

and in the end people will only be owning 1 system

and sales might be like 25 million worldwide for each system

Because the ps3 and 360 have basically split 50 million. Add another system that can do the exact same things

and its splitting again

Optical_Matrix2658d ago

People will be owning 1 system? Dunno about you but i own all current gen systems and plan on having all next gen ones too lol You dont speak for everyone. Thats a wild baseless assumption.

ramon_v2658d ago

Sure, a single platform consolidation is not going to happen tomorrow (or in the next generation cycle), but it's silly to think it's "wild baseless assumption."

Devs have been pushing for this for years and they aren't going to give up anytime soon, and they shouldn't, if done right it benefits everyone, from consumers on up.

I think it would be awesome to have a new console where Sony handles the hardware (their forte), Microsoft handles the software and infrastructure and Nintendo focuses on innovation and just making great games.

Then maybe we wouldn't have to wait 10 years for a new Zelda game to get finished.

Inside_out2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I think aggressive would of been maybe $199 but those tablet things cost $499 and up so maybe they are right. It's just the PS3 costs $299, comes with a big hard drive and a blu-ray player...O_o...why is the future always so expensive? =(

In regards to this point of the generation, any third party dev that doesn't offer their IP a chance across all platforms is insane. Media Molecule stands out as possibly one of the dumbest moves ever in gaming. Here you have a franchise that received great reviews and then sells their IP for peanuts when they could of retained the IP and had a publisher like EA publish their game, LBP, across all platforms including phones, handhelds and tablets and retired happily ever Sony can do what they want with the franchise including giving it to someone else to make and fire all of move guys.

DigitalRaptor2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I don't think many of the people at Media Molecule really care at this point. They're sure proud of the creations they've made, and are probably glad that their legacy is spreading to platforms such as PSP/Vita. You know some companies are comfortable at a certain level and proud of what they create, rather than the bottom line.

Also, wasn't LBP a property of Sony Computer Entertainment even before the acquisision?

I'm far more excited to see where Media Molecule go next. The future might be expensive, but it's sure as hell exciting!

Bonobo123452658d ago

Would be no fun if they had to Gimp out games so that all platforms would run it.

I don't know about you but I bought a PS3 because I wanted to play the best games, If they were all gimped I would just get a 360.

But thankfully that's not the case.

sazzrah2658d ago

Why would Sony take the LBP IP give it to another developer and fire everyone at Media Molecule? This is Sony, not Activision.

Sony have a really good track record for being incredibly flexible and accommodating to their first party studios - affording them a lot of creative freedom and generally not interfering with how their run their studios. Interview after interview with these different studios testifies to this, as well as the quality of the games.

All that aside, Sony owned the LBP IP before they acquired Media Molecule; this is often the case with third party exclusives; hence why they are exclusive - the dev studio sell the IP to raise the funds to develop the game. It's common practice.

Disccordia2658d ago

...and the main reason why Insomniac wanted to make a game with EAP - this way they keep control of their own game.

sazzrah2658d ago


Well of course, every developer would rather maintain control of their own IPs! That's hardly rocket science. The reason Insomniac specifically want control of their IPs, however, is unlikely due to mistreatment from Sony; hence why they remain partners with them and generally have nothing but good things to say about them - they even said Sony were supportive and understanding of their choice to go multi-platform - now that's definitely the hallmark of a good working relationship!

It was confirmed on Insomniac's twitter page that they are going multi-platform to 'become more successful' as a multiplat title means they get more revenue; can hire more people can make bigger and better games - again - not rocket science since a lot of studios that were once exclusive are going down the same route these days as production costs get higher and higher.

It's one of the things I respect about SCE the most; that they seem to 'get it' that games take creative vision and creative vision takes time and patience. Sure, I've no doubt there have been studios who haven't had a bed of roses with them too (Team Bondi, for one), but on the whole the notion they would pillage a studio for it's IPs and then destroy it doesn't match Sony's reported past behaviour with developers.

Inception2658d ago

MM searching for LBP publisher but not single company interested with their concept, including MS. So they last chance is Sony, and Sony gave full backup for LBP.

In the end, it's NOT ALL about money but freedom for creativity and full support to produce high quality product to their consumers. If you think they care only money, than look what Infinity Ward got from Activision!

sazzrah2658d ago

I remember reading back then that apparently Nintendo were interested too, but Sony put a better offer on the table - much greater creative freedom being the primary reason.

Again, as much as we all like to bash the big three as giant money monsters, it's one thing that Sony has got right above their rivals this gen - the respectful treatment of development studios.

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WhiteLightning2658d ago

Thing is most exclusives are what make us decide what console to buy, when Halo first came out it was a game which made me think "Fuck my life I have to have that game no matter what", then when I saw Drakes Fortune for the very first time I said the same about getting a PS3.

I think we can all agree that if a third party developer like Rockstar worked on a GTA exclusive for, let's say the PS3 for example, which GTA would be better from a gamers point of view, an exclusive for the PS3 packed of content and a massive map or a multiplatform game where content (as we've seen from L.A Noire/FF13) will be cut.

It's a shame money is always involved now but I guess that's just how life works.

Treyb3yond2658d ago

Which is why Sonys 1st party support is so very important. 360 simply doesn't have the games, therefor I never switch mine on.

Simple as that really.

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