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PushSquare: "Armageddon Riders is a couple of features away from “absolutely essential” status. Targem’s supremely polished post-apocalyptic racer mixes goofy humour with solid handling mechanics, wrapping the whole affair in a stunning Burnout Paradise-esque open-world environment. The package could have been elevated with an online multiplayer mode, but there’s enough to the game’s single-player to make it a very compelling purchase."

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GamersRulz2741d ago

David Jaffe: Game Critics must get tougher.

This Game 4/4

get2sammyb2740d ago

I agree with everything David Jaffe has to say about game journalism, but if I'm having a fantastic time with a game and it surprises me, then I'm going to review it appropriately.

People are free to disagree, but I think this game is great. There's nothing more to discuss really.

killerhog2741d ago

I bought this game, it is very fun! It's one of those rare gems, i run into by luck and buy from doing a bit of research and strike gold. Another rare gem would be anarchy rush hour.

If you have psn these are other must buy titles:
Joe danger
Fat princess

xtremegamerage2741d ago


This looks fun though:)

jack_burt0n2741d ago

this looks great when is it out!?

Spitfire_Riggz2741d ago

Whoa this seems pretty cool! And for 10 bucks?? Count me in!