PS Move "doesn't add value" to FIFA

EuroGamer - EA has confirmed Kinect support for FIFA – indeed it's set to incorporate the motion-sensing tech into the series for next year's game. But what about PlayStation Move?

Sony's motion controller isn't on EA Sports' radar for FIFA, senior vice president of worldwide development Andrew Wilson told Eurogamer.

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Corrwin2689d ago

Better question: Do the bare minimum of improvements done each year add value to FIFA?

Translation: We do not want to do both Move and Kinect, so we're not doing either.

zootang2689d ago

I think it would only be good for be a pro goalkeeper. Anything else, no thanks.

theEx1Le2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

If you have played Fifa on the Wii you will know exactly why this would be a bad idea anyway. Pointer style controls in a Football game don't exactly go.

Perhaps though I'm being pessimistic due to previous experience, after all move is much better than the wii mote

badz1492689d ago

they've done mouse control for FIFA10 on pc. but's not THAT good either! nothing beats controller for FIFA!

TBM2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

My question is why would they implement the move for a sport that's mainly played with your legs and feet?

Even though I think kinect is useless it does make sense for fifa, but im sure people wont be playing that way for the entire game.


Fair point, but this is about motion controls, and even I can admit it makes more sense for kinect than it ever does for wiimote or move.

Corrwin2689d ago

If that's your question, then have you wondered why we're happy to play Football, Shoot people, race cars using nothing but thumb sticks?