Beat Hazard Update Adds New Music, Lots of Improvements

Cold Beam has released a new update for its music-powered shoot ‘em up Beat Hazard update, available for owners to download now on Steam. The patch adds several new items including “lots and lots” of gameplay changes and improvements, as well as an hour and a half of new music, twitter support, a new perk system, and more.

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halocursed2742d ago

Is this game any good? Haven't heard much about it.

HellzAssassin2742d ago

Yes! If you're into music games, it's phenomenal! I still play it from time to time, and with this new update: no doubt I'll be playing it even more.

gaffyh2742d ago

Looks like a pretty good game, I may load up Steam to actually download it. It's been sitting idle since I finished Portal 2.

Ravenor2742d ago

It's a great game and it's amazing to see it get more support this long after release. Awesome.

Myst2742d ago

Can't wait for the launch of the dlc soon with the co-op and all :)