Arkham City dev: We're not about QTEs, CGI or setpieces

OXM UK: "Rocksteady Studios is not in the business of cute quick-time events, flash pre-rendered sequences or mega setpieces, according to Batman: Arkham City game director Sefton Hill. The developer prefers to invest in the three "G"s - gameplay, gameplay and more gameplay."

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mafiahajeri2740d ago

QTE and set pieces are great, just look at uncharted 2. I dont know why they are bashing them they add more immersion in the experience. I dont know why devs justify not adding things into there game by calling them "cute" and "flashy" cute and flashy are GOOD THINGS!!!

Anderson82740d ago

set pieces are great and QTE's are good when used properly (heavy rain, god of war) but it is annoying when dev use them needlessly or to cut corners.. makes everything seem to easy