Duke Nukem sales: 56% Xbox, 27% PS3

EuroGamer - Duke Nukem Forever has topped the UK all-formats chart and sold a meaty majority on Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 dominated a fat 56 per cent of the sales pie; PS3 claimed only 27 per cent.

PC took 10 per cent, but remember that digitally distributed copies (i.e. those bought on Steam

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Max_Dissatisfaction2743d ago

Facepalm 360 owners, facepalm. Have some pride. Then again inFAMOUS 2 just released so . . .

RedDragan2743d ago

It is hard to see why this is suprising.

You just have to look at what is available on the PS3 to realise that Duke Nuken was never going to generate the same sort of sales as it would get on the 360.

Playstation owners would be out still buying Motorstorm Apocolypse, they prefer games like LA Noire, even Killzone 3 would still be claiming a few thousand and White Knight Chronicles 2 will also eat in Duke Nukem sales.

I am suprised that Duke Nukem sold as well as it did on the PS3, although unlike this article suggests.... Duke Nukem Forever is not the top selling PS3 game on the UK's most popular online store (, the Duke comes in only at Number 5 in the charts on that site.

humbleopinion2743d ago

Actually, considering the number of PS3 VS X360 in the UK, about the same percentage of people on both consoles bought the game. I guess you can call them very optimistic...

inveni02742d ago

This just makes me think the 360 doesn't have better options than Duke...which is a little disheartening.

Inside_out2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

I thought it would of been more since the 360 is the hardcore console. The Playstation has always been the softcore ( lol ) console with things like Ratchet and Clank, crash bandicoot and silly JRPG's then with xbox 360 coming out with/announcing Halo, Mass effect, Alan wake, Gears, Graw, Too human, Forza and Bioshock this gen, Sony had no choice ( dumb pride and cockiness ) but try to be hardcore...Unfortunately, it cost them dearly as Nintendo regained it's dominate position in the casual market and have sold nearly double the consoles as Sony.

M$, for their part can't believe their luck after losing billions last gen and a unconvincing bottom of the totem pole position, they have a solid second place and even if they lost that, with 55+ million consoles sold it's all roses all the time. Now with Kinect being their, they hope, key to the casual gaming market, they hope to over take Nintendo and have forgotten all about times have changed.

Sony has taken some big stride's of late but as has always been the case, the next console to have the must have title this gen will ride it out as the winner. If Kinect hits a killer app, and that is certainly possible, then M$ will win this gen in convincing fashion. I still think next E3 will be the launch of the new console for M$.

ProjectVulcan2742d ago

The irony is the 360 version is abysmally poor, and the PS3 version is far more playable.

AAACE52742d ago

I wasn't going to say anything, but look at all the damage control! It's just Duke Nukem, which most of you don't even care about, yet you are on the defensive!

Wow... insecurity is a b*tch!

xPhearR3dx2742d ago

I love ignorant statements like "Playstation owners will be out buying X exclusive". It's like fanboys believe PS3 owners only care about exclusives yet the sales of the PS3 exclusives don't back up those idiotic claims.

"They prefer games like L.A. Noire"? Which is why the 360 sold more copies right? PS3 only owners don't care about exclusives as much as you think.

Peaceful_Jelly2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

L.A. Noire PS3 = 1.4m http://gamrreview.vgchartz....
L.A. Noire X360 = 1.49m http://gamrreview.vgchartz....

Point still stands @xPhearR3dx. PS3 owners don't buy garbage because they do have other options...

xPhearR3dx2742d ago


PS3 Owners don't buy garbage? Then explain to me why the most hated game on this site by PS3 fanboys is also the best selling game on the PS3 which would be Call of Duty?

humbleopinion2742d ago

@Peaceful_Jelly, Funny how you rounded up 1.35 to 1.4 but didn't round up 1.49 to 1.5...

But what was your point anyway? showing that xPhearR3dx was right when he said that the X360 sold more copies?

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the_best_player2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

They have no games so multi platform is the only option for games to buy XD

Kurt Russell2742d ago

I choose Dead Space 2 instead... so that's not really the problem. There is a shit ton of decent multiplat to buy first.

Hedberg2743d ago

Hasn't released in the States yet either.....these kinds of posts are pointless.

parasit32742d ago

Honestly this data proves that Xbox 360 is lacking a strong games line up and their owners have to resort to a low performing game [rating 5/10].

Ravenor2742d ago

Yes, I had 5 funs out of 10 possible funs playing Duke Nukem.

Jezuz2742d ago

So because people like to play a game that majority doesn't like they have no pride ? Makes perfect sense.

Crystallis2742d ago

I didnt buy that garbage and I wasnt going to buy it over Infamous2 anyway.

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Substance1012743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Just read the steam forums many people are not buying the game. I think it will be another bargain bin pick up many of those this year.

PC gamers have other awesome games to play then to pick up this game. Been so busy playing Shogun 2, witcher 2 while playing MP games like l4d2, TF2, warcraft 3 dont really have time for anything else.

Ill probably end up picking DNF when its 10-15usd on a steam discount in the next few months that is if i have time from all the games i already have.

the_kutaragi_baka2743d ago

PS3 owners have better games for play.

sayonara892743d ago

Yeah, Infamous for example.

phoenixdown2743d ago

i didn't care about buying duke nukem on my ps3 one bit. i already have enough exclusives to buy both new and old lol. that just looks like another fps i've seen 100 times already. I'm too busying playing yakuza 4 and will be getting infamous 2 or even the first uncharted because i never played it.

tawak2742d ago

@sayonara89 yeah infamous 2 is better choice oh wait xbox 360 doesnt have infamous 2...ok then just get duke nuken

ufo8mycat2743d ago

Not surprised by those sales. It's the usual 360 on top, then PS3 then PC (including steam)

Surprised people are buying it at all. Generic, old gameplay, bargain bin material, if that :)

Shows 360 owners will pick up anything, as long as their are guns.

ElementX2743d ago

What's wrong with old school gameplay? I've been playing Terraria that's classic 2D old school. I enjoy a number of retro games.

Maybe I will check DNF out when it's $14.99 or something, but I just wanted to say that some old school games are fun.

Substance1012743d ago

PC sales do not include digital copies, so its share might be as big as the PS3.

pr0digyZA2743d ago

Steam doesn't release sales data.

Ravenor2742d ago

It doesn't include Steam, you guys...always trying to downplay the PC.

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earbus2743d ago

Ps3 owners just dont buy as much software i guess.

news4geeks2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

You would think that looking at american sales, but when you compare games on vgchartz(guestimates I know) that aren't FPS you'll find that almost everytime the ps3 version sells better. Look at PES2011 for example; 0.5m on 360 and 2m on ps3. Fifa2011, 4m on ps3 and 3m on 360. Massive gaps especially considering microsoft has sold more consoles. This trend continues across all genres until it comes to shooters.

Aloren2742d ago

Football games are bad examples. You should compare games like Assassin's creed, Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space...

shinrock2742d ago

thats never the case as far as ps3 fanboys are concerned.360 fanboys buy more because we have no games? think about that. FACT:360 fanboys buy more. can't be mad at that.

mastiffchild2742d ago

You never quit? If this is true then how would you explain worldwide sales for games like RE5, TR:U(even with extra content on 360)and SF4 being BETTER on the PS3 and even at a time when 360 still had some kind of lead in consoles out there?

Secondly, these are UK results and pretty indicative of the percentages of gamers per platform anyway-i.e the sales of these games reflects the percentages of the HD console and PC market in the UK where, like the US and unlike the rest of EU 360 still is king sales wise. In other words, even without the fact there's been more exclusives for PS3 recently and a big one THIS week you'd expect these percentages in the UK It says stuff loud, the article, but it's actually telling us NOTHING.

Thirdly, how do you, Mr Earbus, explain companies like EA and Ubisoft saying that they make most money from software on PS3 than other platforms?? bxcasue PS3 gamers buy no games I guess? If you MUST troll all the time at least make it a bit believable so you get people a tiny but annoyed rather than merely feeling you aren't very well informed.

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