Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Of America President Says Wii U Will Have ‘The Best Graphical Capabilities’

"Again, the point is not about a comparison versus our competitors. What we’ve said is it will be 1080p. Check the box on the best graphics capability. It will have a robust online environment. Check the box. That will not be a disincentive for purchase."

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DarkCharizard_2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Cool! It's going to be the graphical leader until Sony & MS bring out their own next gen consoles. Then it will be like PS2 of the 6th gen, or dreamcast.. :O Whatever the case, I fully expect it to be graphically competitive with PS4.

@dangert: It will probably be 3-4 years ahead of PS3. Personally I'll be looking forward more to how they use the new controller. The 5-6 years thing is only a let down for the graphics whores that shouldn't be gaming on consoles anyway :/

dangert122689d ago

The question is how much better cause if its not 5/6 years infront of the ps3 it is a let down

EYEamNUMBER12689d ago

microsoft and sony lost billions of their HD consoles and according to developers making HD games are still very expensive to this day they still complain about price

so because of that i doubt sony or microsoft are in any hurry to raise costs even more

i honestly don't see the next generation of consoles being all that huge a leap in power
i see em being like they were during the GC,PS2,XBOX

dangert122689d ago

tbf i doubt what these's devs say is true very much,

naughty dog said they'd be happy with a million sold or 2million sold when releasing uncharted 2 now when i look around theres not many games that fuck with it visually and on the ps3 as well which is suppose to be the hardest to develop for i do think alot of devs are purely lying to us, whats the excuse for these multiplats made on the 360 and ported to ps3 to save money and aren't even pushing limits of the 360?

EYEamNUMBER12689d ago

when game developers go under because costs were too high then i give the developers the benefit of the doubt
i don't really see the devs complaining in masses for the fun of it

all i know is i don't see games going to 69.99 a pop next gen and i don't see them staying at 59.99 a pop if the power upgrade is as huge as everyone thinks it will be

Rainstorm812689d ago

Okay but how long? Besides your next gen console SHOULD have better graphical capabilities than the last gen of consoles.

Its funny to see Nintendo talk about graphics...

dangert122689d ago


these devs need to use there head at this point sony have a thing called the pub fund? were they pay development cost in return they want the game exclusively building some underground rep in ways like so...EA partners THQ partners etc

ProjectVulcan2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

One only has to look at PC hardware to determine if another generation will be a leap visually.

Clearly it could be, and not at great hardware expense either. By extending the present console generation's lifespan, it also will allow another generation of GPUs to be developed and reach the market.

PS2's GPU was 43m transistors, 6 1/2 years later PS3's was 300m. About 7x more. Even if PS4 launches at the end of 2012 (six years after PS3) 10x more transistors in its GPU would not be a problem nor too expensive. We already have graphics processors with 10 times more transistors-3 billion like the GTX580. By this time next year that will only be midrange, as a new generation will have arrived. It is a fact, its on the roadmaps.

Understand that a leap right now is possible JUST using midrange graphics like a GTX560 or a Radeon 6870, but in 18 months the leap is potentially even bigger.

If Nintendo have been smart about this, they will have fitted Wii U with a GPU considerably quicker than the current console crop, but also now cheap. Something like the touted Radeon 48xx series wouldn't be a bad choice.

That kind of performance would beat current machines hands down. It would be fast enough to have better visuals in 1080p native than Ps3 or 360 could do in just 720p.

Lyle912688d ago

Raiinstorm81- Why is it funny to see Nintendo talk about graphics? Besides the current generation Nintendo has always been the leader in graphics.

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iamnsuperman2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

"Whatever the case, I fully expect it to be graphically competitive with PS4" are you sure about that. If rumour are try and the PS4 comes out in two year after the wii u then in theory it will be two years more advanced. I assume it to be better than the PS3 as that is 5 years old but tech advances a lot in 2 years.

Legion2689d ago

Sorry I accidently gave you a disagree thinking that you were saying that the Wii U would be graphically competitive with the PS4. Just noticed you were quoting someone else.

Ignore one of those Disagrees and I would have given you an agree but I have still not seen anything that places Wii U as even being better then the PS3 as you stated later. (When/if I see it then I will give them their props)

Legion2689d ago

He went out of his way to make sure he DIDN'T say that the Wii U would have better graphics then the PS3 or the 360. What he DID say was... "Again, the point is not about a comparison versus our competitors. What we’ve said is it will be 1080p. Check the box on the best graphics capability"

Simply put he is saying that it will be 1080p and being 1080p allows you to check that little box of having the best graphics capability.

Nothing more people... but fans and haters will argue over it. Wait until the system comes out and then do your comparisons.

GamersRulz2689d ago

It MUST be at least 3 times better, because last time I checked I found out that PS3/360 are 6 years old.....I don't think you wanna compete with that Ninty.

DeadlyFire2689d ago

GPU is at least 3 times as powerful as RSX/Xenos GPUs in the PS3/X360. That is according to rumors of a R700 based GPU.

Give us a damn spec sheet Nintendo!

pcz2689d ago

now publish the spec sheet!

000000000000000000012689d ago

All I want to see is the games! If there isn't something new that I want to play that isn't on the other 2 consoles, I'm not buying!

Honky Kong2689d ago

Like all those nintendo exclusives? Oh and that controller thing might make a difference

beast242tru2689d ago

umm seriously? i WAS expecting this console to be alot more powerful than current generation but it might not happen soo i wana see you do it not just it nintendo

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