Uncharted 3 - Visual Improvement March VS June

See some graphics comparison of Uncharted 3 on March and June

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rdgneoz32740d ago

Very nice. And a while to go to improve it even more.

disturbing_flame2739d ago


And actually Naughty Dogs have more pression on their shoulders maybe it can boost them to make more awesome, with games like Geras 3 or new Tomb Raider coming, they must raise the bar further, because those games really great too.

WhittO2739d ago

I think they are feeling most pressure from themselves, since Uncharted 2 was soo good, not other games.

lovesony2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Sorry, but i can see little to none improvements over Uncharted 2. Uncharted 3 for me like Uncharted 2.5.

Seems like PS3 is maxed out.
Seems like Sony lied to us about PS3 power..
it is shame but Forza 4 is better looking than GT5...gears 3 is better looking than Uncharted 3.

gonna switch to 360..also kinect is far more popular than MOve.

Xbox live is far more fun to play with all its features.

sikbeta2739d ago

Bwahaha, lovesony -> Joined 13 Jun 2011 (40m ago) try harder douche...


Man, these guys at ND really know how to do their games, improvements after improvements, U3 will be so freaking awesome...

AJKanismajoris2739d ago

At #1.1.2

You're joking right?

the PS3 still has pleny of untapped power,

and Forza looking better than Gt5.....yeah don't think so to be fair mate.

Also you're clearly one of those delusional xbox fanboys like so many others on this site.

Mykky2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

@AJKanismajoris Well speaking of thruth there is a lot more of delusional Sony fanboys here. I don't like calling myself a sony fanboy but I kinda am.

Inzo2739d ago

how old are you youngster, Id say bout 11.

badz1492739d ago

he's afraid to loose bubble from his main account. so, here he is, with an alternate account #(god knows how many)th for trolling purposes!


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OmegaSlayer2739d ago

Cool to know they're still making better visuals and they'll keep refining the game until November.
I guess this time ND won't spoil the net people with the biggest moments of the game like they did with UC2.
But from the glimpse of the trailer we will have lots of stuff.
Underwater stuff, the plane scene will be awesome, sinking ship, castle burning, horse the obvious temple, and the foreseable mythological twist.
Really more than my head can handle.
Can't wait to play it, then playing the 3 titles in sequence.

badz1492739d ago

now that I'm away from home, I still don't have time to play inFAMOUS2! 2 days to go and go to hell with everything else! I'll be Cole Mcgrath for a while!

Uncharted 3 is looking good as expected from ND and I'll be shying myself away from any more revealing for Uncharted 3 as I'll get my own self amazed come November just like I did with #1 and #2!

nix2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

sad part about Uncharted and other sony exclusives is that you start getting used to the quality and suddenly the third party multi-console games look so average.

we've been spoilt.

RCargill2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Yes, it's 'bullocks' that games that are gimped to fit on the 360's last gen DVD format and significantly weaker graphics hardware end up looking much worse than games targeted at the PS3's higher powered graphics hardware and 25 or 50 gigabyte Blu-Ray disc look so much better.

news4geeks2739d ago

yes it is 'bollocks' that you consider games gimped when only about 2 or 3 ps3 games actually have better graphics. Infamous2 is still way behind GTA4 and Assassins Creed in graphics. Resistance is way behind Crysis2 in graphics. I agree blu-ray is an advantage, but stop kidding yourself that there is any significant difference between the consoles.

Bullocks: A term Americans mistakenly use when they really mean to say bollocks.

extermin8or2739d ago

it's bollocks you're right but actually I find that most of the time i prefer the exclusives for my ps3 because the quality is higher not just graphics here but overall you can genereally feel that money has been thrown at the development, more than the multiplatforms nothing about the multiplatforms necessarily being gimped; but yes with so many eclusives we are spoilt :p (multiplat exceptions being: AC and battlefield and dark souls :))

MinusTheBear2739d ago

Infamous 2 is the better looking than GTA4 and AC. Killzone 3 owns Crysis 2. What is your point again?

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phoenixdown2739d ago

i tried going back to other games like third party multiplats, and i don't even care about much of them anymore on my ps3. uncharted 2 just spoiled me as well as other games too.

jack_burt0n2739d ago

lol these comments show which people only have a 360, nix speaks total truth.

Johnny_Cojones2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

That broad looks like Helen Mirren.

SephirothX212739d ago

Broad? You've been playing LA Noire.

Johnny_Cojones2739d ago

Haha, nah, I'm just from southern Louisiana. We use lots of archaic (& sometimes straight up nonsensical) slang on a day to day basis.

SpartanZero2740d ago ShowReplies(5)
xtremegamerage2740d ago

Jijoro, that's right dude.

Naughty Dog Saw gears of brown 3 and lol'd.

Gears 3 looks decent enough, but beyond graphics the story, characters of UNCHARTED are unmatched.

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