inFamous 2 Post Game Unlockable

Sucker Punch’s inFamous 2 is finally here! As player’s guide Cole in another epic adventure. There are a number of things players should know about the game such as its unlockables, secrets and cheats.

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ShadyDevil2745d ago

I can't wait to pick this game up, dont have the cash currently but I hear my Gamestop has a few Hero Editions left.

jbl3162745d ago

Same here, want to play this game but have no money to buy it right now lol.

inveni02745d ago

Just a warning: The game actually starts kind of slow. They say that they don't strip Cole's powers, but you don't have all of the powers you had at the end of inFamous 1, and some of those powers you can't even earn back. BUT, you do get some really gnarly replacement powers, and after chapter 9 or 10, the game really starts to open up and it's really rad. But the first 9 or 10 chapters feel like you're playing about mid-way through inFamous 1 in a new city. But stick with it because it turns awesome.

theIMP2745d ago

I can't put this game down. The Make your own mission feature is just plain awesome. I also love how peoples levels just show up in the single player game. I can see myself playing this for a long time.

AKissFromDaddy2745d ago

I've got my response waiting, yet when I reply.............access denied, lol

You didn't do anything, you kept it the same, lol
You don't want a legitimate discussion.

MaxOpower2745d ago

Finished as evil last night, the ending blew my mind, Fucking amazing! Both gameplay and story wish, hope everyone BUY and PLAY this game.

inveni02745d ago

Agreed. Some of that ending was tough to watch, and if I hadn't made up my mind to be 100% evil, I wouldn't have made those choices. But it was...poetic, almost. Very cool.

MaxOpower2745d ago

Yeah so true, I had played all evil, but was just about to go good at the end.

So I haven't seen the good ending, but the evil one was great. I feel bad for Sucker punch because so many will go the good way, and never even play the games as a bad guy.

X-Zone2745d ago

I loved the game but there was 1 or 2 things i didn't like.

1st being that it kind of feels like all your lightning powers get replaced with ice powers, yeah you can switch back but ice powers seem to be more powerful

2nd i miss being able to level up my powers

and 3rd why doesnt grinding restore your power anymore? :(

Electroshocked2745d ago

I know, and you lose power when firing off some normal bolts, yet when you use Kinetic pulse, you don't lose any energy at all. Either way, I've completed the game on hero and I am now passing it in evil. It's an awesome, amazing game.

firelogic2745d ago

1 energy core gives you 15 shots. The fact it uses energy isn't a problem. At all.

Ascalon942745d ago

In the later parts of Infamous 2 you become so powerful its crazy, I felt like Goku when using some of my powers.

X-Zone2745d ago

i hope in infamous 3 they turn the shield into some kind of dome forcefield, that would be so cool