Level-5 Developing Gundam RPG

Word of Level-5's involvement in the new Gundam Age series leaked out of Coro Coro Comics last week. Now we have details on just how involved the developer is in the project.

As reported last week, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is working on the story and series framework for Gundam Age, which will span the full gamut of media, including manga, anime, a toy/model line, and games.

The big question for Level-5 fans was, would Level-5 be working on the games?

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GearedForGamers2738d ago

Any Level 5 game is good in my books. Can't wait!

Newtype2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

OMG, Level 5 is making a GUNDAM RPG!!!!!!!!! FIRST DAY/IMPORT HERE. Probably for the Vita or PS3.

Hope the RPG is based on Unicorn or Crossbone Gundam.

256bit2738d ago

...DQ8, rouge galaxy, dark cloud

man this guys are freaking fantastic.

FlashXIII2738d ago

The big question is are they planning an English release?

Son_Lee2738d ago

Hey, Level 5, how about making Dark Cloud 3? Or Rogue Galaxy 2? Eh?