E3: PAYDAY: The Heist Impressions (

Apparently someone saw the first ten minutes of The Dark Knight and decided to make a six level video game based on that. Not to be too harsh on the downloadable title, but when you hear that the concept is ‘four thieves in clown masks rob a bank’, having that movie pop into your head is unavoidable.

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treeson472657d ago

got a chance to play this at E3, and it was probably my favorite thing at the show along with battlefield 3 and the hitman absolution trailer. extremely fun and legit. loud guns, great shootouts, all random so endless replay like they state. and tons of little nuances that can be linked to all the great bank heist movies as well as little things that fans of shooters will appreciate. I told the devs that I would gladly have paid in full on the spot for the game. really looking forward to pre ordering it and its release.

lazertroy2657d ago

looks fun I just hope they work on the voice acting.