IGN: Naruto: Rise of a Ninja Video Review

Here is IGN's video review of Naruto: Rise of a Ninja for 360.

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socomnick3369d ago

Thats whole 2 more hours than heavenlysword

Daytona3369d ago

Quite nice actually.

Good job on the first true full Naruto adventure.

Bnet3433369d ago

from your COD4 comment:

"Who cares.. People with jobs will buy it.
If its too short, you can always trade."

I wish I can dropkick you through the internet to knock some sense into your head you moronic pissant

Filanime033369d ago

I would like to see that dropkick lol. Kick his moronics ass.

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DeckUKold3369d ago

i can wait for the second what happen to the battle with sasuke wow of only it was longer i'll stick with ultimate ninja and clash of ninja sorry i ubisoft you didn't pull through so another mediocre naruto game

Darkiewonder3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

At 800 Points you can get each new episodes to extend the games life.

iceice1233369d ago

Devs care enough to give our games DLC, where is yours?

wageslave3369d ago

The review just said "Best Naruto Game Ever". And -you- having never played it just dismiss it?

Undoubtably, the problem is you cant play it on your PS3. If you could, Im sure you'd be singing a very very different tune.

The game looks better than the anime, the art direction is terrific. And, with an 8 hour campaign, plus online modes, its longer than most games.

If they ship DLC, it may very well be worthwhile. This is a probable-buy but sure rent for me, I'll pick it up. I love the art direction here.

nupes983369d ago

I'm definitely picking it up

Shaka2K63369d ago

I can see why this game is only possible on x360 now.

ThaGeNeCySt3369d ago

explain heavenly sword being 6 hours and uncharted being 10.

wageslave3369d ago

I'll explain why it is 8 hours. Because games are written with BUDGETS and code/art/models and animation are linear in cost with total game play.

This is why disc size is irrelevant, because the limiting factor is BUDGETS not discs.

InMyOpinion3369d ago

And the fact that they need to fill the blu-ray disc with the same textures over and over again to give the games decent load times.

mesh13369d ago

NOT TO mention that the uncharted footage posted on this site the 10min clip has sooooo much CGI CUTSCENes that u dont play the game u watch it lolPLAYbeyond ps3driods.

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The story is too old to be commented.