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Botchweed: "If you haven’t already heard; EA announced recently that if you pre-ordered Battlefield 3 from certain locations then you would get a pre-order bonus included with it. On the other hand if you didn’t pre-order the game then no bonuses for you. Usually these bonuses come in the form of some kind of skin, or in hat, or something which doesn’t effect the flow of gameplay. Unfortunately in this case, they decided to make it weapons, which has left the community upset to say the least."

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Shackdaddy8362717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

It's all really sucky stuff fyi. LMG in all the BF games is terrible. Everyone is able to unlock the shotty so that doesn't matter. The special ammo is only good if you're shooting through wood or metal up close with a shotgun (how many times will that ever happen). And you really don't need a flash suppressor.

It actually makes me excited because if they are able to give exclusive weapons to each region then just imagine how many unlockable weapons/attachments are in the game.

outwar60102717d ago

such is the seedy world of preorders but i prefer it over extortionately prices map macks plus stat tracking at a monthly price

CobraKai2717d ago

In general, I'm over pre-order bonuses. They end up as DLC anyway, only you're getting a small part of that DLC for free.

CrimsonEngage2717d ago

The people complaining about this are morons. 1. You get it free when you purchase the game. 2. You are complaining about getting something free yet you pay $15 for 4 COD maps. 3. The DLC for BF3 won't be available until about a month or so after the game is launched.

FlashXIII2717d ago

For me it's the fact the bonuses are exclusive to certain places. I don't want to order from game or gamestation.. both places have the games at the highest possible price. Why should gamers get shafted for looking for a bargain? Not to mention you can order online and get it a day early in most cases.

CrimsonEngage2717d ago

You don't have to order from certain places. Go to your local game store and just pick up a copy. Don't even have to pre-order. I work at Gamestop and we always have enough copies for people who didn't pre-order and you still get the codes because they are either A- in the box with the game or B- on the receipt. C- Seeing as the DLC for BF3 is coming out a month later you can just buy it or quit your crying.

You aren't fooling anyone we all know you will buy the game anyways. Just like millions of people get suckered into buying Call of Duty every year then say "well it sucked, i'm not buying it next year..." Guess what? They always do.

Seems like you guys are mad because EA are good at making business. UMADBRO?

DiffusionE2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

To be fair, you're a bit too quick to use the "M" word on others -

1. Not all the pre-order items will be available to the non-pre-order pack even at later dates, except maybe in paid DLCs. So you're effectively paying the same money for less content. And yeah, it's a little unfair.

2. Nobody's complaining about "getting something free". They're complaining about "NOT getting something free" for the same cost. And you'd be surprised at the amount of people who've not bought COD games since 2007, much less paid $15 for their DLCs.

3. That IS part of the complaint. They have to pay extra AND wait a month or so to get some of the same items while others get their free from day 1.

If DICE value their fanbase so much, they should try to have a little bit of consistency in their release plans.

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