CtrlAltKill | E3 2011 Closed Doors: XCOM “Looking A Lot More Like XCOM…”

For those unfamiliar with the original XCOM the premise was a hostile extraterrestrial invasion; the player charged by a coalition of nations with their removal. The player must: capture and research alien technology, manage personnel, maintain military installations, combat hostile aliens on the ground and manage relations with the member nations.

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ExPresident2690d ago

I'll have see more before I get my hopes up at all. I appreciate the preview but from what I've seen it looks nothing like what I would have hoped.

Then again I'd be content if they would just release the original as a PS1 classic on the store so I could dl it and play it on my psp :)

AndrewE2690d ago

yeah it's a pretty different game, but they wanted the elements of what you do in xcom...

ilikegam3s2690d ago

Hope this reboot doesnt fail like medal of honour...