Neocrisis: Wii U's Potential Problems

Neocrisis: By far the biggest announcement from E3'11, the Wii U has been praised and loved by many, and hated by a lots of people who stay in the dark for obvious reasons. Now, before you light up your mushroom torches, we know the Wii U will sell like flying hot cakes, but this is only an opinion stating reasons we believe could hurt the Wii U in the end.

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Fierce Musashi2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

"My last complaint about this, is Multiplayer. I have friends, we all do! What if I want to show my friends my latest acquisition just to tell them, go back a generation and bring your wii motes, my dear friends, cause this baby, only handles one Wii U controller per console (maybe 2), leaving the rest of your friends in a sea of dust."

This along with the name is pretty much what I can agree on for the most part. However, I still wouldn't mind using my Wiimote. Especially for shooters.