The Glaring Problems of the Wii U

Gaming Irresponsibly's Ultrapepe weighs in on the announcement of the Wii U.

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agentxk2535d ago

I wasn't a fan of the announcement itself. Does the controller have a name, other than "The New Controller"?

Rainstorm812535d ago

Ive seen Wiipad floating around but i doubt they will risk that law suit,

VampiricDragon2535d ago

when they actually play it then they can criticize

until then its speaking out of ass

benjam2535d ago

It is easy to say that, but when the presentation itself left many of us confused, then we have the right to criticize or question Nintendo. Seriously, we don't know anything about the system in terms of price, online capabilities or what the hell we can expect from the hardware. And yes, I saw Reggie's interview on GT, but for the love of god he is the worst PR person ever known to man. Whoring out the word "experience" and dodging each and every single question.

VampiricDragon2535d ago

I was confused at E3 too no doubt

But once we got the actual info. It made sense.

i must admit I thought the controller was the system for a while

blitz0x2535d ago

Yeah the whole thing just seemed to leave a ton of questions while not really giving a whole lot of info.

RedSky2535d ago

Article says it's specs blow away the competition, then names some utterly irrelevant facts that say little to nothing concrete about its processing power.

Not to mention comparing Nintendo's next gen console against the PS3 and the 360 is completely illogical. One is based on new and much more efficient production processes while the counterparts were released 5 years ago. Gee, I wonder which is going to offer the best value proposition in the current market?

Grannyvukka2535d ago

It needs to be "NEXT GEN" for hardcore gamers to bother in anyway. If this thing is only as powerful as the other 2, or the lowest common denominator development theory is met by 3rd party developers (as I suspect it would mostly, just like PS3, no 3rd party developers will bother making games look infinately better on the hardware, as it will more than likely up development costs)

Then there is the fact that you are not getting a full machine, & Nintendo expects us to add to the hardware's price in having to buy a usb hdd or the such, & this system throws away the idea that the console is meant to look neat & tidy & streamlined, as you have to have another wired part hanging off as a seperate entity.

Unless I'm heavily impressed by this thing & it's games at launch & shortly thereafter, I see PS4 & 720 releasing a year later with proper next gen specs, & traditional, reasonably priced controllers to play consoles the way they were meant to be played. Nintendo used to innovate through there games in the nes, snes days, but ever since they rorted Sony & screwed them, forcing Sony to enter the PS brand into the market, Sony & it's inhouse 1st, 2nd & 3rd party exclusives have taken over that position from Nintendo, while Nintendo used horribly casual friendly, gimmicky controllers to try winning back there former glory....Oh, & the tired old, fat, greek, plumber thats last hurrah was Mario Kart on SNES & Mario 64 on N64.

B1663r2535d ago

Don't hold your breath on a next gen xbox or playstation just yet. I don't think those two consoles are gonna get an update for another 3-4 years.

Also, I think we are gonna see a transitional generation this time because the way the cpu's are now designed... The cpu/gpu's can now be upgraded significantly (just add more cores...) without breaking back compat, so on the xbox at least, I think we will see an xbox 360 plus or whatever, and games will have full back compat, but then the plus games "play better on the 360 plus!" marketing.

Both Sony and Microsoft absolutely hemorrhaged money at the start of this generation, and I am detecting no eagerness on the part of either company to do that again...

mshope102535d ago

everyone claims to be hardcore gamers. yet these hardcore gamers who write nintendo hate articles aren't hardcore enough to look the system up they are trash talking online to find out you can use the classic controller pro for core games cause nintendo knows core users will be the first to cry if the option is not there!!!

so read about the system before you cry about it!but he probably did and just pretended to not know so he had one more thing to cry about!!!

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