GameFocus E3 Preview: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

GameFocus writes: "When Halo CE debuted it proved that first-person shooters could work well on consoles. With that in mind, 343 Industries has maintained the classic gameplay by running two engines (the 2001 original and last year’s Halo: Reach) simultaneously. Remember how powerful the magnum was? It’s back along with the same physics and AI."

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Legion2690d ago

"When Halo CE debuted it proved that first-person shooters could work well on consoles."

That is an understatement... it set the standard for FPS controller layout on consoles.

DeFFeR2687d ago

wort wort wort.

I remember before the xbox even came out, going to circuit city and playing through the first 2 levels with a buddy of mine.

Twice a week after school, we'd drive up to play...

Damn good times.

grifter0242690d ago

I agree Legion...I literally in ALL FPS games on the 360 push X to reload and A to jump.

IF the controls are different it feels awkward and I have to get use to the controls.

Cant wait to finally play some people online.

DeFFeR2687d ago

Tom Clancy games are dumb for configuration schemes.

Legion2687d ago

I think more so it is the analog control that really set Halo up to rule the roost in FPS controller configuration. Transfering the keyboard mouse controls of PC FPS games and having your right analog stick being basically your mouse and your left stick being your movement. Allowing your thumbs to do your moving while your fingers squeeze those triggers.