GameFocus E3 Preview: Far Cry 3

GameFocus writes: "With so many first-person shooters going the scripted-action route, it’s nice when there are those that go in a different direction; or at the least offer a varying experience. UbiSoft Montreal revealed Far Cry 3 at E3 this year and after checking it out behind closed doors, it’s nice to see that the developers are offering up an open-world mentality with its upcoming shooter."

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jarrod19812740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I cant wait for this game. Unike many people i loved FC2 even with some of the more annoying aspects of it. I dig the open world gameplay an the graphics were amazing. definate buy for me.

Tachyon_Nova2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I tried to like Far Cry 2 because I loved the first game. I still don't know why they called it Far Cry 2, it shares no similarities other than genre with the Crytek original. Still, it was alright except that it completely broke on me after about 6 hours and I would have had to start again if I wanted to keep playing.

I still have the game somewhere so I may go back to it at some point, but for now I have enough better games to play.

earbus2740d ago

Looks like a backwards step from the last game i liked farcry 2 way more than the first, FC2 it just had too much travel what a shame they are going back to the island setting.

mastershredder2739d ago

I'm looking forward to FC3. However, I hope that they loose the "do you know the meaning of insanity?" bit. It was the most overused speech driver in politics and media outlets over the last year. The rest was great, but the reference just makes me roll my eyes. Especially when he (the bad guy in the trailer) does it x2.

Hazmat132739d ago

maybe he wants a CRAZY WORKOUT!!!

mastershredder2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Yeah, he's going to up his reps and add more sets the further you progress. So by the end he is like über Beefcake crazy (and hopefully forget what the meaning of insanity is).

I dunno, I think FC3 is headed in the right direction (gameplay looks great). I just don't want a detachment from characters like they did in FC2. The Jackal was a cool idea, but the VOA spat his lines out so fast, it was like he was in rush to get his lines out so he could pick his kids up from school. It was not sincere and poorly executed. With as long as it took to get through the rest of that freak'n game, there was plenty of time for the Jackal to deliver his speeches in a more believable fashion.

Considering all the twists and turns that the plot tried to convey, the Jackal, Warlords and Mercenaries were pretty shallow (especially considering that they were all plotting to wipe your ass out in one way or another). FC2 had a lot of those over the top and intense character interaction moments that were quickly followed by hours of nothing but casually gunning down respawning enemies in a gorgeous, yet empty lifeless world. It was easy to forget much of who was who and what was were since you were FarSpread out all over Africa.

xtremegamerage2739d ago

FC2 was horrid, graphics were nice.

But the game itself was boring.

This looks alot better.