First PS3 COD4 *retail product* screens

Some one in the Forums has managed to get COD4 earlier than most and has posted some retail screens for the game including PS3 XMB shots and box arts. Hit the jump and see all the excitement

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Sevir043919d ago

that screen shot with the gun looks amazing and someone took it from there camera of of there tv screen. it's pretty impressive. my first day purchase

ATLRoAcH3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

It looks awesome.The great thing about it is that it was built separately its not a port.So 720p at 60fps sounds great to me.

eXplotion3919d ago

graphics are really nice. We will see if the PS3 version is really superior.

dhammalama3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Check out this attachment, it's from that alternative source. It lists on the back of the box: 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. Does that mean NATIVE 1080p, or could it be upscaled (I didn't think the ps3 did that with ps3 games)

edit - ok, the picture wont post for me, but check out that alternative source and go to page three.

Edit 2 - ok pic is up. I had to change it from png to jpg.

rushbd3919d ago

May be they have discovered a way to get that upscaler inside PS3 do the job :)

Because If it's native than ....I wont say anything

stunt2133919d ago

Can't wait until this friday

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What rez is the 360 version?

AllroundGamer3919d ago

are you waiting for a 640p answer? :D

ATLRoAcH3919d ago

I believe the 360 version is the same 720p at 60fps.I know the PS3 version is so I'd imagine they're the same.

jackdoe3919d ago

Both versions are identical, though, correct me if I'm wrong, 360 has hardware upscaling? So technically, you could get 1080p upscaled from 720p on the 360. Unless the upscaling is only for Xbox games. Both are 60fps though.

LeonSKennedy4Life3919d ago

Infinity Ward said they overhauled the PS3 version and now the lighting and particle effects look the best on the PS3 version because they had more to work with...AKA - Cell

Foliage3919d ago

Hell you could probably get 5400p with upscaling, it is scaling after all. It doesn't magically mean you have a native 5400p game.

Open photoshop, notice how you can scale an image as big as you want to. What is the obvious problem with this?

SIX3919d ago

It would matter because it would prove that the PS3 is indeed more powerful than the 360. If this game runs @ 1080p native with that level of graphics fidelity. I think this completely validates what Sony has been saying about the power of the PS3. I've always said all along that out of all the three systems I have I'm most optimistic and excited about the PS3 because the approach they took in the design of the PS3 is so radically different that it might produce something beyond what we are used to. It's great to be a gamer.

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Xwow3919d ago

wait for this game it will be amazing =D


I wouldnt be suprised if it is

chrno3919d ago

How long is the game anyways, as I wouldn't get it if it is less than 6 hours.

wil4hire3919d ago

If its too short, you can always trade.