Duke Nukem Forever Hidden Lesbian Easter Egg (Tutorial)

Find out how to find the Lesbian Sex Scene Easter Egg. Video Included.

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meetajhu2257d ago

damn i didn't turn right.

Corrwin2257d ago

I never thought I would ever see the words "Lesbian Sex Scene", and "Tutorial" in the same sentence.

You win again, Internet!

The Meerkat2257d ago

Will it get banned now?

How many countries have banned this game?

I'm guessing the UAE, Saudi and Germany.

SuperK2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Love Duke Nukem and his sexist, over the top humor and action. People out there need to get a life.

palaeomerus2257d ago

Dear God, please let this be a Rick Roll. Otherwise the internet has won and mankind is now and forever real stupid.