GamerGaia Retro Review: Sacrifice

"When it comes to below-the-radar cult classics that have fallen by the wayside with the evolution of the industry, it’s hard to be more overlooked than Sacrifice."

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flipmop442509d ago

i love classic games on boring days that i have nothing to do.

jack_burt0n2509d ago

was a brilliant game, influenced alot of titles after it.

DW742509d ago

I loved this game to death. Like Clive Barker's Undying, it was criminally overlooked.

ThanatosDMC2509d ago

Love this game. I still have the cd. I think, it's on steam now.

DW742509d ago

Yeah, I still have the game in my desk drawer here. You don't throw out greatness just because it's old, hehe.