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Nintendo Wins Conference, Sony Wins E3 Tons Of Exclusives On The HipHopGamerShow E3 Edition

1. Exclusive Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Footage
2. Saints Row The Third Interview
3. PS Vita Hands - On/Uncharted Interview
4. Supremacy MMA Fighters Guest Star On The HipHopGamerShow
5. Reggie Fii Amis Cameo Appearance
6. Wii U Gameplay
And Tons More On Todays E3 HipHopGamerShow Edition Stay Tuned (3DS, E3, EA, Industry, Nintendo, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Sony, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Hitman0769  +   1626d ago
Sony just has so much. It's really hard to compete with that with multiplats and exclusives that we've already seen in past generations. I'm glad everyone had a great time though for the most part! ! For me best in show was definitely the Vita!!!!!! Dust and Ruin look crazy gooood.
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Boody-Bandit  +   1626d ago
Sony won all of E3 (conference, games and new hardware) and they did it without showing fake games and not tech demos. Sony had it all this year and cross platform gaming is going to be sweet. Plus the Vita looks to be the most amazing handheld released to date.

They had games, games, games and more games plus new IP's. You cant ask for more.
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Shok  +   1626d ago
What new IPs? I saw Uncharted, Resistance, InFamous 2, ModNation, LBP, Starhawk (Warhawk sequel), and Sly 4. None of those are new.

Yea that had games but pretty much 99% of the things they we've already seen and knew what were coming.

Nintendo didn't even have any Wii games present though so they lost in that aspect.
Lulabarbie  +   1624d ago
I agree!!
HavenDan  +   1626d ago
Great quality there, I can see the new shock mic is really working out!
-Mezzo-  +   1626d ago
With Uncharted 3, Starhawk, Sly 4, Dust 514, Exclusive Cone For All The EA Major Releases, PSVita Price, PSVita Games, etc, I think Sony Nailed It.
jaredhart  +   1626d ago
N definitely won. Ps3 2nd place.
carter20  +   1626d ago
why he have disagrees its personal opinion... or arent we allowed this any more
Pintheshadows  +   1626d ago
I know it's my opinion but I don't see how Nintendo won. They showed a new console that was poorly explained and which bought them into the current generation. The controller is silly and looks like something you'd find in an Early Learning Centre. They then showed some target footage and some multiplatform games that are not even really confirmed.

Apart from that it was Mario, Zelda and Starfox all over again. I don't get Nintendo. They are moving forward yet they are still stuck in the past.
Bell Boy  +   1626d ago
not only that they showed multi plats running on PS3 and 360...wow they will finally have HD...lol
KonaBro  +   1626d ago
Going to disagree with you on this one HHG. Nintendo's conference was mired by misinformation on part of Wii U, obviously the biggest component of the whole press event. If done right, Nintendo could have taken both the conferences and E3 themselves but instead they kind of shot themselves in the foot. The 3DS presentation was good but I don't think it was enough to overcome Wii U. Also, Reggie must be a really cool guy to kick it with.
Pintheshadows  +   1626d ago
Frankly the PSV Eindhoven overshadowed the Wii U. I mean that controller should just be scrapped. It looks like a toy.

@kesvalk. I like Americans but the guys that were presenting made me cringe. One of them was wearing a suit FFS. You're not a BBC news reporter. I won't think less of you if you're in a T shirt and jeans. I might even forgive food stains.
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kesvalk  +   1626d ago
i will compliment HHG in only one point, he is a douchebag like the guys from g4tv and game trailers, that guys are a pain in the ass, at least hhg seems more like a gamer than a prick with a microphone...

but 90% of the time he just talks bullshit -_-
qwertyz  +   1626d ago
you mean 99.9 % of the time
kesvalk  +   1626d ago
i wrote it wrong -_-

i mean that he is "not" a douchebag like the other ones...

PS: about the other 9.99%, i will give him the advantage of doubt.
H2OAcidic  +   1626d ago
Nintendo was meh... Honestly the only thing that I enjoyed with the 3DS news. When they brought out the Wii-U and I watched it for a few. I thought to myself that device looks like a U-Draw then turned off the TV.

As for Sony they did a great job.

As for Microsoft they did good as well but went to far with Kinect news.
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ChickeyCantor  +   1626d ago
Udraw doesnt even have a screen. LOL
erasure242  +   1626d ago
No... It will be cool to this guy when Sony has one... It seems to be all about the name with these fanboys...
H2OAcidic  +   1626d ago
@erasure I don't even own a PS3. I just have this PC I'm on right now and my Xbox 360. Just the Wii-U didn't really show anything cool.
ChickeyCantor  +   1626d ago
Then I do believe you didn't watch long enough to see the concepts they showed.
H2OAcidic  +   1625d ago
I watched enough to know I will not be buying one. Plus some of the footage they used during that was from the MS and Sony Conf. LOL!
scissor_runner  +   1625d ago
He has a pc and a pc junor. What is a concept, it's not a fps.

He is partly right if your not a designer or at least have an intelligent creative mind sure you will not like the wiiu presentation. Yet it's ok for other to show target renders.

Maybe if that bird was slaughter in some gross manner he would have liked it better. I dont know. You can't please pc gamers with console like consoles.

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