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Super Mario Galaxy Review: 10/10 (Deeko)

Deeko's contributing editor Cody Winn concludes:

"So, are there any problems with Galaxy or aspects that I didn't like? Well, no. I tried very hard to find a flaw of any sort and there was nothing really game breaking. Any complaints I have with the game, well, they're so minute that I can't even remember them at this point. That or they just don't exist. It's rare to play through a perfect game or one that nears perfection, but Galaxy definitely fits that mold."

The Deeko Minute:
* Perfect controls. Yeah, they're perfect.
* Orchestral music is beautiful.
* Tons of varied environments to explore.
* That old Mario magic is back.
* A good looking Wii game? Thanks, can I have some more?
* Players: 1-2
* Difficulty: Medium

Other Recommendations:
* Nothing. Play this game now!

Deeko Score: 10/10 (Super Mario Galaxy, Wii)
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Prismo_Fillusion  +   2865d ago
Wow. That's one hell of a review.
He said he couldn't think of a single imperfection in the game.
Not one.
Capt CHAOS  +   2865d ago
I can think of a couple..
Mario in a bikini with a gun..
Sez  +   2865d ago
looks like every console has a game that scored 10/10 this year. good news for the wii.
lynx1halo  +   2865d ago
U. R. M. R. G. A. Y.
U. R. M. R. G. A. Y. . . . . .Wii = Gamecube2
AllanWakker  +   2865d ago
As most people who have played the demo in stores have said the game just isn't anything special. When Mario 64 came out years ago it was both graphically amazing looking and the world mechanics and controls were revolutionary.

SMG is just more of the same with waggle bolted on.

The only people who are excited for SMG are Wii owners who are in desperate need of validation of their console choice. Just think of what SMG could be if Nintendo hadn't taken the cheap way out and we were getting a real next gen Mario with next graphics, next gen physics, 7.1 uncompressed sound, a real networking setup with leaderboards, downloadable addons, etc.

Go F yourself lawler.
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lawler  +   2865d ago
Wii is a runaway success and the #1 console at the moment. You're the one who appears "desperate" to talk it down.
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nirwanda  +   2865d ago
I've got a 360 a ds a ps2 an xbox a gamecube but no wii and I think mario galaxy look like it's going to be the best platform game ever made
TruthbeTold  +   2865d ago
What the?
"As most people who have played the demo in stores have said the game just isn't anything special."

What kind of ridiculously broad opinionated statement is that? Let me guess, you and your two friends, who already hate the Wii took a quick look at the demo at Gamestop, hated it of course, and now declare yourself an expert in your judgment of it.

1. There isn't a professional opinion out there that has complained about the graphics. Quite the contrary actually.

2. Not only do the physics work just fine, from what previews and reviews are saying so far, they are revolutionary.

3. While there is nothing special about the sound, none of the reviewers (You know, people who have actually played the game in depth) have complained about it.

4. All the rest of the trivial stuff you named is hardly necessary for a Mario game.

Your attack is full of nothing but crap. Why don't you "Waggle" your BS filled mouth onto a thread where you actually know what you are talking about?
solar  +   2865d ago
::gives standing ovation to TruthbeTold::

bubble for you :D
solar  +   2865d ago
i for one cant wait
this game is going to be huge. i finally got to play the demo at gamestop, and i couldnt wipe the grin off my face. the controls were tight, the camera never felt like a bother, and graphics were just beautiful. dunno why ppl have to cut the wii down. fad or not, nintendo has made a great (yet very risky) decision to try something different, and its very refreshing.
solar  +   2865d ago
i for one cant wait
stupid double post. i played the demo on my lunch break, again. and ill probably hit random gamestop's at will to play waiting impatiently til the game hits my hands :D
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Almighty  +   2865d ago
Yes, game of the year as everybody with brain knows.
purin  +   2865d ago
i agree whole-heartedly
IQUITN4G  +   2865d ago
A lot of twats on this forum

Iv'e waited a whole long time for a true successor and Galaxy looks like it's got the magic this time.

Very excited
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