Microsoft launches CPU-GPU combined Xbox 360 SoC

Software giant Microsoft has announced the release for the new SoC (System-on-chip) processor of the new Xbox 360 250GB Slim Kinect-ready model.

Microsoft has designed the processor particularly to counter the market threats from AMD’s next generation Bulldozer and Bobcat processor technology.

The processor has been manufactured with the IBM/GlobalFoundries 45nm process and is the first production desktop-class processor which will combine CPU, GPU, memory, and I/O logic onto a single silicon and can be a tough competitor for AMD’s Fusion and Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors.

Officials at Microsoft announced that the combination has been made to allow better power efficiency. The processors are expected to be cheap as manufacturing will be inexpensive due to fewer chips. The heat management has also been enhanced and the sizes of the motherboard and the power supply unit have been drastically reduced.

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AstroZombie12540d ago

That sounds like a price cut in the wings for the future.

showtimefolks2540d ago

around the same time maybe a few weeks before wii-u launches for both ps3 and xbox360 with move and kinect included in the system for a new low price would be smart

2540d ago
Sony3602540d ago

So supposedly this guy is "yaSonyfan" but owned 15 xbox 360s.

I smell bullshit.

Stryfeno22540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

After 4 RRODs, you still kept coming back? I think I have a bridge to sell you. Interested?

evrfighter12540d ago

wait am i reading this right?

to counter bulldozer and sandy bridge???

and how in the hell do they plan on countering those with just a die shrinkage and a lower tdp?

ProjectVulcan2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Hardly big news TBH, not only that, this was known nearly a YEAR ago- Shrinking components and fitting all the chips onto one amalgamated die isn't new. The later slim PS2 models did exactly the same, with a combined CPU and GPU.

"first production desktop-class processor.....tough competitor for AMD’s Fusion and Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors"

This is nonsense. The article somehow writes this up as a rival solution to x86 based chips for home computers? Its a custom console part. Nothing whatsoever to do with x86 desktop computers or their processors.

I also question that the number of transistors being only 370m. The GPU alone will be 330m, before you throw in the CPU and bus designs. The article is inaccurate and ancient, to say the least.

How does this junk get approved?

bozebo2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

""first production desktop-class processor.....tough competitor for AMD’s Fusion and Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors"

This is nonsense. The article somehow writes this up as a rival solution to x86 based chips for home computers? Its a custom console part. Nothing whatsoever to do with x86 desktop computers or their processors. "

yeah, this ^

+ bubble for well said

I was going to say the same thing. They are in totally different markets. There is no way in hell that AMD and Intel's hardware is competing with the 360's internals.

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gamingdroid2540d ago

Price cut has been possible a long time now. MS just don't have the competitive pressure to do so when at the current price it's sales are having record growth.

I hope the new combined processor makes into the Gears of War console!

fr0sty2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

They've been selling dead last worldwide for months now. PS3 had been on top until last week when Wii finally got a boost that put it ahead for the week. But MS is still sitting in third. They definitely have the market pressure to keep trying to reduce price and increase demand.

This combined chip will definitely allow them to reduce their costs. In fact, it'll probably give them an advantage to cut lower than PS3 could, which could prove to be an issue for Sony in the future because as far as I know there were no plans in the Cell/RSX roadmap to integrate the 2 onto a single piece of silicon.

r1sh122540d ago

Even though MS have been last in sales for months they are still selling quite well in their most favoured markets.
The only time they will price cut will be when Sony decide to.
Its a simple waiting game to outdo sony which makes sense.

EarthLover2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )


What? You do know PS3 is STILL in last place right, and do you have any proof what so ever that the 360 is selling dead last world wide?

All we know for sure is that PS3 is getting raped in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and UK. We dont know what the sales are in EU because they dont have the organizational capabilities to actually count the sales apparently.

The NPD territory sales advantage 360 has more than offsets any sales advantage PS3 has in EU, IF there even is one.

IdleLeeSiuLung2540d ago


Not only that, but the gap has now widened between MS and Sony.

"Going by latest sales figures, the Xbox 360 is five million ahead of the PlayStation 3, which as of last month had sold 50 million consoles globally."

Also: "Xbox 360 Top Selling Console 10 out of the last 11 months"

2v12540d ago

on the US what about the world?.

spektical2540d ago


what are you smoking. ps3 is raping the 360 everywere except the US.

and the gap is shrinking a lot. Won't be long till 360 is in last place WITH a year head start.

JellyJelly2540d ago

@spektical - Care to back that up with some form of source?

ct032540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

<<and the gap is shrinking a lot.>>

You haven't looked at Sony's and Microsoft's financial reports?
They sold exactly the same in quarter 4/2010. However, in quarter 1/2011 Microsoft sold 600,000 units more. So the gap increased.

Here's the graph for the worldwide gap based on official financial reports:

evrfighter12540d ago

and the worldwide argument the ps3 fanboys had been clinging to for dear life the past 6 months has just gone right out the window.

TVippy2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

MS was doing it from the beginning with slim models.
And BTW, absolutely ignorant article. And again... on the MAIN page. What on Earth!?

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Blacksand12540d ago

It sound like Microsoft try to see if this work before they bring out the 720. A few months ago it was a articles saying 720 mite be a gaming-computer all in one.

50Terabytespersec2540d ago

Warning! Sound like more RROD!! lmao.

Anytime this incompetent hardware company and hardware or software tinkering occurs/ changes occur you get a lot of BS.
(Vista,Windows mobile,Xbox360,ME,etc.etc.

Sony3602540d ago

Like when they fixed the RROD completely years ago.

Funny how that's all you're able to bring up though, year old problems that have since been fixed.

graemed-ps32540d ago

@sony 360
yup rrod has been fixed.
but rdod hasnt!

starchild2540d ago

Give me a break. RDOD isn't common at all. It might even be less common than YLOD.

No electronic device is 100% failure-proof, but RROD has not been a widespread problem for years. It is now a miniscule problem similar to what you would expect from any electronic device.

Redgehammer2540d ago

I thought this was old news, or is this an improvement over what they talked about when they initially released the Slim?

ATiElite2540d ago

this is OLD NEWS.

this is what currently is in the Xbox 360 slim.

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Foxgod2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Impressive, they took the 360 its hardware to max efficiency.
Small, cool and cheap to produce.

Sounds promising for the next xbox, they learned a lot on making efficient hardware with the 360.

They took the system from unreliable, to as reliable as a system can possibly become.

kneon2540d ago

Don't be surprised if the has discrete cpu and gpu for the first couple of years. They may not be able to combine them on a single chip until later in the life cycle of the product. Same goes for the PS3.

GunShotEddy2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

It doubles every two years. It's called "Moore's Law". "Moore's law describes a long-term trend in the history of computing hardware. The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years."

edit: directed @ Angry TypingGuy

kneon2540d ago

I'm well aware of moore's law, I'm old enough to have witnessed it's entire history.

But current GPUs run pretty hot and the next gen console CPUs will also be pushing the limits. If they weren't then they could have made them faster.

gamingdroid2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

It's actually closer to 18-months or so (don't blindly trust wikipedia) than two years.

That said, the issue was never transistor size. It was the technical difficulties of combining the components CPU/GPU i.e integrating them and ensure correct operation.

Rhythmattic2540d ago

Moore's law.. I get it, but still dont believe it...

Theoretical power via multi core CPU's do the concept justice, But where is my 100Ghz single die cpu ?

Moore is less , as far as i'm concerned..

viper1012222540d ago

Moores law cannot be considered valid in today's world of computing due to the sheer heat produced by the transistors in modern CPUs. This is why you cant have your 1000 GHz CPUs (which is around what it should be at now)

This is why multi core CPUs have been introduced in order to combat the problem of overheating.

Interesting fact: if CPUs had kept to Moores law then in a few years time our processors would probably reach the temperature of the surface of the sun

Rhythmattic2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )



In music applications for example, if I use a plug - in Real time, its polyphony and quality is determined by the speed of a single core.... Off line, in play back, a differnet story.. The multithread code shares across the CPU's...

As we know, a single cpu , clocked @ 4 .5Ghz is better than a Dual 2.66 for gaming..

moore's law is no more.

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AngryTypingGuy2540d ago

Isn't it amazing how quickly technology advances?

fryday2540d ago

Analysts are expecting an ARM Chip for the next Xbox

LilDeja932540d ago ShowReplies(2)
DragonKnight2540d ago

Woah, what?

"They took the system from unreliable, to as reliable as a system can possibly become."

That's actually incorrect. For about, oh, 3 reasons.

1. RROD can still happen because MS' basic console design and materials are flawed.

2. Disregarding RROD, there's still that E37 or whatever that happens, as well as the X-Clamps that scratch up discs.

3. Disregarding both of those, the most reliable a system can possibly become is having a 0% error ratio. Meaning there's is absolutely nothing wrong with the tech or materials in the console. And that sure as hell ain't the 360.

Just saying man, 360 still carries the fear of crapping out more than the other two consoles.

Armyntt2540d ago

Im goin to disagree in that you say 3 reasons without stating how those facts are quanitifiable and true.
1. What in the design and materials are flawed specifically?
2.The E37 is not as big as the RROD and in fact i dont know a person that its happen to. Not saying it doesnt happen but its not such a huge problem imo.
3. Your third point gives no reasoning to your conclusion. What tech that M$ uses is unreliable? DVD's? The chip design? What materials? You have to support your conclusions.

Now im not saying what your saying is incorect but you need something to backup what your saying.

greatjimbo782540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"as well as the X-Clamps that scratch up discs."
Wait, what? Care to clarify that point?

EarthLover2540d ago

Well I'll go ahead and say he's incorrect.

"Disregarding RROD, there's still that E37 or whatever that happens, as well as the X-Clamps that scratch up discs."

E37 or whatever? X-clamps that scratch disks???

Dude the X-clamps are what caused the RROD not scratch the disks, you have no idea wht you are talking about, yet you shoot your mouth off ripping MS, typical Sony fanboy, why does any one listen to you people any more, you have been wrong about everything this generation.

DragonKnight2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I retract my X-Clamp statement, I actually confused it with a problem the disc drive has. But anyway, RROD was chiefly caused by poor soldering which melted in the heat that the 360 produces and the chipset would then dislodge and move around, in addition to the x-clamp problem. The 360s still uses the exact same design, it just runs cooler thanks to the cooler chips. X-Clamps are still there, the soldering is still the same (lead based solder, which is quite soft), a free-floating disc drive which is the actual cause of the disc scratches. These are all still present in the current 360 design. The only difference is the chips.

"you shoot your mouth off ripping MS, typical Sony fanboy, why does any one listen to you people any more, you have been wrong about everything this generation."

LOL, someone is a butthurt MS fanboy. Wrong about everything this generation eh? Care to provide some examples for me to shoot down? This isn't about fanboyism. I responded to the incorrect statement that the 360 is the most reliable a console can ever get. I made no mention of anything but the 360's shortcomings, and you got all upset because I hurt the feelings of your plastic box. Grow up.

greatjimbo782540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"the soldering is still the same (lead based solder, which is quite soft)". Again you're wrong. It was using Lead-free solder that caused the problem. Using lead based solder in manufactured goods, is banned in the EU I believe?

Sony3602540d ago

Statistically all new models of the 360 has the smallest failure rate now.

If you're gonna talk like you know the facts, at least present actual facts and not just talk out of your ass, basing everything on stupid fanboy opinion.

DragonKnight2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

@greatjimbo: Although lead based solder has been a standard for decades, it is NOT the strongest available electronics solder, and is in fact quite soft when compared to alternatives. Lead based solder was banned in the U.S. for plumbing applications only.

@Sony360: Smallest failure rate compared to what? Itself? Like older 360 models or all 3 consoles? Because if that's what you're talking about then that's certainly NOT true. And again, what fanboyism? Where did I insult MS? This is a typical defense mechanism of people who don't want to accept the truth that the 360 was and always has been poorly built.

If you don't believe me, then refute the following.

Does the 360 have x-clamps? Yes or No?
Does the 360 have a free-floating hard drive? Yes or No?
Does the 360 use bumpers that scratch the disc surface? Yes or No?
Does the 360 use a low melting point, lead-free based solder? Yes or No?

A yes to these answers indicates subpar materials and/or design choices. But seeing as how you believe yourself to be so knowledgeable, then you can accurately refute these questions yes?

**EDIT** Changed the solder question. Not trying to run away from anything here. This isn't about fanboyism or anything of the sort. Some of you are far too defensive. I was simply answering the incorrect statement that the 360 is at the pinnacle of reliability.

graemed-ps32540d ago

That was a well thought out and level headed comment, dont know why every ones attacking you.

Aarix2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

1. Were not disregarding the rrod but it's not much of a problem especially compared to the ylod.

2. X-clamps? You also have the option to not have the disc spin at all. scratching for it.

3. No piece of hardware has a 0% failure rate. That's impossible. But for the processing power we have today. Were doing a good job of keeping it within reason.

Now go troll somewhere else.

greatjimbo782540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

"**EDIT** Changed the solder question. Not trying to run away from anything here. This isn't about fanboyism or anything of the sort. Some of you are far too defensive. I was simply answering the incorrect statement that the 360 is at the pinnacle of reliability."

You can't do that and be taken seriously. Please just give up. It's embarrassing for you and for us to watch. Simple fact is, you were wrong. You then continued to argue your point, until it dawned on you that you were wrong.

This was followed by one of the most stupid back tracks I've ever seen. And all of this on top of your "X-Clamps that scratch up discs." gaffe.
One thing you have done is brought the lulz and for that, I thank you.

DragonKnight2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

@Aarix: "1. Were not disregarding the rrod but it's not much of a problem especially compared to the ylod. And now their reducing the failure rate."

Here's the thing many of you fail to understand about the alleged YLOD. YLOD on the PS3 is not a specific problem. YLOD on the PS3 is just an indicator that any number of problems has occurred. RROD is a very specific problem. Next, YLOD is not nearly as prevalent as RROD ever was and it never will be. Third, what do you base the assumption that YLOD is so widespread on? You should have used the PS3's known blu-ray diode problem, then you'd have had a leg to stand on.

"2. X-clamps? You also have the option to not have the disc spin at all. scratching for it."

In order to do that, you first need to place the disc inside the console and install the disc on the harddrive, exposing it to the possibility of being scratched. Can't install the game without getting the disc to spin at least once. Also, my mistake was that it's the bumpers, not the X-Clamps.

"3. No piece of hardware has a 0% failure rate. That's impossible. But for the processing power we have today. Were doing a good job of keeping it within reason."

We're? Do you work for MS or something?

greatjimbo: I changed the wording of the question about the soldering because I made a typo, but knowing how typical fanboys such as yourself love to bring up that there are edits to a post, I decided to share that I made an edit in an attempt to show that I'm not hiding anything. I also freely admitted my mistake about the X-Clamps. Point remains that no refutation of my questions has been made, and you're attacking me simply because you don't want to accept the truth. The 360 is a poorly designed console. And the 360s literally only changed the chipset to a cooler type. How is that a better design if two parts of the major RROD problem was not changed?

greatjimbo782540d ago

You and I both know it wasn't a typo. You used it here, "(lead based solder, which is quite soft)" and then again in your response until you edited it.

You were wrong, fact! You realised you were wrong about the solder and edited it from you post. Something you couldn't do to your previous post, so the evidence is there for all to see. You didn't just change the wording, you changed the entire type of solder. Because you realised you were incorrect and that's fine, people can be wrong. But you've contiuned to attack and frankly, any other points you made can't be taken seriously.

Please, don't call me a "fanboy". You came into a thread and tried to troll and failed, twice! So instead of trying to dig yourself out of the grave, you dug yourself in further. You can't seriously countinue to go down this road can you? Just admit you were wrong about the type of solder and we can move on.

DragonKnight2540d ago

I have never evaded being wrong about anything, you're just looking to label me an anti-MS fanboy, when in fact you're the fanboy. You fail to acknowledge the truth about the 360, and rather than address the questions I've asked, you choose to attack and label me instead. But whatever, do what you will. Can't change the fact that the 360 is poorly built anymore than I can change the fact you'll never admit to it. This was never about trolling, or fanboyism. I responded to an incorrect statement, and was in turn bombarded with massive hate as though I had just raped someone dear to your heart.

And since I'm now out of bubbles, I can't continue anything here, if there was even a point in continuing. I fully admitted to editing the soldering question. And rather than actually answering the question you, in typical fanboy style, chose to dwell on the edit rather than the question. Had you actually wanted to end this, you'd have answered the question and it'd probably be done by now. But nooooooo, no one is allowed to question the reliability of the almighty 360. It's a console built out of adamantium with insides so cool they are the temperature of liquid helium. /s

Hyperbomb692540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I dont think Ive ever seen so many MS fanboys on this site before... one person simply states the facts and they all get all butthurt about their system as if they just made fun of their children or something... pathetic! Face it fanboys! It aint 2007 anymore, you got no games and no reliabilty. go have fun with your Sesame Street GOTY Kinect title....

disagrees = your fanboy tears!

greatjimbo782540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Oh DragonKnight. You still don't get it do you? Two of your so called questions were factually wrong. How can I answer your questions, if the information used to ask them is wrong?

You based one of your questions around the soldering used but got the type of solder wrong. You realised this(Google is wonderful is it not)and edited it to lead-free.
You see, your mistake is a pretty big one to consider when answering your question. In fact, it arguable leaves the whole question worthless.

But no, you can't see that and decide to call anyone who corrects you a MS fanboy. I can admit you had some valid points. But I can't debate with someone who I can't take seriously.

Take some time out and learn how to stealth troll properly. Also, don't try to play the victim. It doesn't suit you.

gamingdroid2539d ago

LOL! DragonKnight again....

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bozebo2540d ago

er, its only possible because they are aiming at old gen performance. The 720 will follow the traditional approach of cpu and gpu in different chips.

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MGRogue20172540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

wtf... I'm confused.. Isn't this already available? You know.. That new "slim" redesigned model?

DeadlyFire2540d ago

Redesign slim 2nd or 3rd generation is all. Easier to produce cheaper to sell = more profit. That is all.

MGRogue20172540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

k, cool.. I don't know how many times Microsoft are going to keep bringing out new revisions of the 360.. kinda pointless, really. The "slim" redesigned model that came out a long while back is fine as it is to be honest.

Xbox 360 is old tech now, They should really concentrate on bringing out a new console.

Foxgod2540d ago

I am pretty sure they are focusing on a new console.
But that doesnt mean they might as well try to stay ahead of the competition for the remainder of this gen.
Otherwise they might end up dead in the water.

kneon2540d ago


Why is it pointless? Less power, less heat, lower cost, higher reliability. Those seem like some pretty good points to me.

gamingdroid2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

because each revision brings down the cost.

If you produce 10-15 million consoles a year, even a $2 reduction results in $20-30 million savings. How is that pointless?

Of course the consumer (side-)benefit are lower power consumption, less heat, more reliable and potentially lower price!

Regarding new console... there is no pressure on MS to do so! Unfortunately, as I want a new console cycle now and Nintendo is sketchy in terms of my wants i.e. great controller, robust online and other forms of entertainment (not just games like movie streaming and etc).

No Way2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Sony and Nintendo do the same thing, as Microsoft, as well..
It's not a new console or a new 'sku,' so to speak, just a revision.
It's not pointless, to them, as it makes it cheaper to produce and sell.

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B1663r2540d ago

Yeah, this is old news... This is from a year ago when they originally reworked the processor for the slim.

Burning_Finger2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Sounds like a Cell processor..


The Cell processor can also act as a GPU and rendered Graphics on its on. This is what Microsoft are pushing right now. A processor and GPU on the same chip.

I think u are the one that needs homework and research.

JsonHenry2540d ago

Not even close to the same.

IAmCornHolio2540d ago

Actually, the Xbox, PS3, wii, and now the WiiU cpu's are all made at the same IBM facility...

The only thing different about the different CPUs is the microcode that goes into the different chips.

It is one of the reasons Sony has received so much crap for their decision on the Cell, because they have this exotic chip design, and have realized no real benefit from using it.

2540d ago Replies(5)
Foxgod2540d ago

Who the heck even agreed with him?
The whole setup of having all cores and the GPU on a single chip, is the complete opposite of how a ps3 works.

joeorc2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

ok for people that just do not get it. DR. Dr. Hofstee you know one of the major designers of the [email protected] chip in the PS3.

already showed how the PS3 works an has shown for a few years what the chip is.

before you guy's slam (Burning_Finger) what he posted is correct. If you have not noticed the CELL is a Hybrid Core CPU/GPU on a single die already..that's one of the key point's of the Cell, it's a graphic, an physic's accelerator!

if you have not noticed, the Arm core design for Multiple cores on chip along with GPU cores are designed along the same lines..SOC's the Cell processor is a SOC.

[email protected] people read what he posted!


"You are a troll and a moron, Cell the structure works on a 6 core CPU, with the GPU entire separate.. SoC work by combining the two which they can then lower the GPU speeds because there is no transfer to the CPU leading to dramatic increases in speeds, do your fucking homework junior. "

no it's one PPE

an 6 SPE'S that are free for developers to use.

the SPE's can be used for graphic an physic's acceleration such as for example:

From an interview with David Kirk of NVidia at WatchImpress:

David Kirk: SPE and RSX can work together. SPE can preprocess graphics data in the main memory or postprocess rendering results sent from RSX.

David Kirk: Let SPEs do vertex-processing then let RSX render it.

David Kirk: SPE and GPU work together, which allows physics simulation to interact with graphics.

It's not just the RSX that drives the graphical quality, then - the Cell can also really be used to improve the graphics.