Blackwater gameplay shows Kinect shooters games have potential

If you don’t have a controller, then how are you ever going to create a compelling shooter game? This is probably the question that the team of Zombie Studios, developers for Kinect’s Blackwater, started with.

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Warprincess1162535d ago

Yep and the guy looks like an idiot moving left and right like that. When i play videogames, i don't want to physically exhaust myself.

fr0sty2535d ago

They really should just give up... Kinect can't be made into a hardcore gaming device without a controller add on.

Agent-862535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Got to agree with you there. Been saying this for a while. Stop forcing it into games where it doesn't belong or work.

Tony P2535d ago

I think that's where being jaded overcomes common sense.

Just because Kinect hasn't been used to make another (imo tiresome) shooter doesn't mean every single genre of game is impossible with or can't be enhanced by Kinect.

lowcarb2535d ago

There is definitely potential here with Kinect. I like the way you take cover but cant stand the whole aim your arm cross hair thingy. With a controller and being able to take cover like this (using Kinect)we could be onto something.

fr0sty2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I never said Kinect couldn't enhance a hardcore gaming experience, but they're attempting to force it into something that it is not. It won't be Move, you won't be able to control the next halo using only it. They need to either stick to what kinect is good at (voice recognition, which all 3 systems are capable of actually, and then gesture controls, like signaling a squad for instance), augmenting games that are played with a traditional controller. That, or give up the "you are the controller" crap finally and release a move-like add on for it.

Maybe they'll finally cave when they can drop kinect's price low enough to include a move like controller for $100-150 as a complete package, and offer a cheap upgrade for those who already have kinect.

There are actually some really cool types of games that you could play using kinect. A mechwarrior game, for instance. The mechs move slowly enough where you could use body gestures to get around without too much trouble, and utilizing different weapons on different arms (gun on one, sword on another) would be cool. But people expect to see halo 4 or gears 4 controlled with kinect, and that just ain't gonna happen without them releasing a controller add on for it.

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EasilyTheBest2535d ago

Well I read through some of the comments on here about this game being utter shxt.
About how stupid you look playing it, about how they should just give up on Kinect etc.

I watch the video and thought this looks good.

What is it with Kinect, does everyone feel threatened or something?
Jealous perhaps?
Looking through peoples previous comments they havent even got Kinect and most havent even got an Xbox.

I real dont understand it, its Kinect, what are you doing in this thread.
I have seen elsewhere on this site people joking about Kinectimals.
My kids and me had a chance to play this recently at a friends. Guess what? they loved it and want it and I thought it was great too!

Say nothing I suppose is best...

zinkabass2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Dude, leave Skittles out of this,.. that shit is AAA+ compared to this. Skittles is exactly how it is supposed to be used and also the reach of the device,..+ awesome dancing, fitness and easy family oriented party games and I am not shitting on kinect per se (maybe pricepoint, for what it is capable of doing-is a bit ridiculous)

Inside_out2535d ago

These type of games as well as all the Wii and Move stuff are just mimicking the classic arcade games people grew up on.

It needs work. Why can't you just use hand signs to move no different than those great Ghost Recon games use to do. Things like saying or using hand signals to motion commands like..on me..and..suppressive fire..or..take them out or..take cover...would be a better suited game play experience for Kinect.

Is the peripheral market all tied up in patents or what. This thing needs a gun, fishing rod, golf club...anything, to give the gamer the complete experience. Force feedback is a critical game play addition.

M$ could make a small fortune in the add on business like Nintendo and Sony is doing.

Tony P2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

This is promising?

This is basically Konami's arcade game, Police 911.

Edit: Ok, here's some video of Police 911--

Skip to about 2:10 to get to the meat of it.

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g0green2535d ago

though this wouldnt be my favourite thing to do, does look like a good utilization of kinect if thats what youre into

gamingdroid2535d ago

Haters goin to hate..., but the game reminds me of Time Crisis.

Gamingisfornerds2535d ago

No it doesn't. That looks absolutely terrible.

zinkabass2535d ago

Aren't Blackwater those privatized,.. OMG

no comment,..

Enjoy guys.

_LarZen_2535d ago

Someone please kill me.....

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