Naruto: Rise of a Ninja - Launch Trailer

Naruto rises on the Xbox 360 in this action-packed adventure that features characters and locations from the show.

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power of Green 4065d ago

Good God that looks bad ass.

Cat4064d ago

it's going to be the best Naruto game yet -- I can't wait.

THAMMER14065d ago

I'll get this instead of AC.

wageslave4065d ago

You might be right, AC looks a little too "generic". But this seems pretty novel.

kurochi4064d ago

The actual comic has a hell of a better story than this crap that video companies are putting out.

Cat4064d ago

well they aren't going to be using the American dubbed content -- so no "believe it" nonsense.

LONEWOLF2314064d ago

Really......well you stick to reading the comic book while we take up the roll and play as the main characters!