How Sony’s Welcome Back Package Helped to Reignite One Game’s Online Community

Sony’s ‘Welcome Back’ package, consisting of two PS3 titles, two PSP titles, and a free month of PlayStation Plus membership, was released to the public roughly two weeks ago, with mixed reactions all-around. Some loved the selection of games offered, some hated them, however, through this ‘Welcome Back’ package, Sony managed to reinvigorate the online community for a particular title, adding a ton more value to a game released over 2 years ago.

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joinsideke2539d ago

This is one of the one's I'll be grabbing when I cash in.

Joni-Ice2539d ago

About time we see some positive news concerning the Welcome Back package.

mantisimo2539d ago

Already had the games but nice to be back online.

All of my friends are back too so can't have pissed that many people off.

captain-obvious2539d ago

i just realized how much of a great game dead nation is
especially the leader boards layout

that's innovations man



I'm still not able to reactivate my main account, but that's Sony Brasil mess, SCEA already game me the support they could but Sony Brasil isn't moving on with the process... Anyway, I have many friends on the same situation, so on ¨minor¨ markets probably there's a considerabel ammount of people not so happy. At least all my foreign accounts are ok so we keep gaming (and in the end, that's what matters... still missing those 1400+ trophies through).

To prevent people from exploting PSN the one account with my real adress is the one I can't get back to work... Oh the irony.

Anyway, I'm not pissed, the welcome back program and, specially, the free month on PS+ more than paid off for any frustration, I already decided to be a subscriber once the free month ends, I'll just wait 'till my account is reactivated or terminated for once as they announced the store for my region on E3, coming 'till october, but no confirmation of Plus or PS Cards for my region, so I'll wait and see if it's worth getting an American sibscription or if a local one will be viable, and if I'll had to make another brazilian account or keep my main one.

Kleptic2538d ago

Wipeout HD has always been awesome imo...I played A LOT back when it released, bought Fury...spent some time with that too...but did end up kind of forgetting about it because the online community just wasn't there...

Just know what you are getting into...its easily the toughest racing game i've played this generation...trophy hunting in that game is a pipe dream, with several of them being simply the most difficult single trophies i've yet to come across on the PSN...Especially considering nearly every trophy has nothing to do with grinding (save the livery trophies)...but the arcade perfect, zone 75 trophies, sixaxis zone trophy, etc...are simply ridiculous...

love the game though...

mantisimo2538d ago


Man I'm sorry to hear that, truly, and feel really bad for you that psn main account is down in Brasil.

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Spitfire_Riggz2539d ago

Yup, knew it would be Wipeout. I got online its fun as hell. Only thing I dont like is it has advertisements every once in a while.

Guess they had to make money somewhere

hamburger1232538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I got infamous 2 because i got infamous 1 from the welcome back package. Sot it was also good for sony i guess.

strifeblade2538d ago

what's good for sony does not mean it is necessarily good for you.

I love how all the sony fanboys give sony a pat on the back for the network breach. :(

what has the world come to?

badz1492538d ago

and what are you up to? Sony definitely screwed up with the PSN outage but they certainly are trying hard to redeem trust by giving out A LOT of free stuff! what's more satisfying for gamers than getting free games? I don't know about you but I'm a gamer and I have got ALL their free offerings due to multiple accounts and I'm one happy gamer!

quit your bitching already! shit happens and what's important is that it has passed and now I have too many games in hand and I only spent 3 weeks worth of no PSN which I paid nothing for!

hate sony all you want but I've never got these many free games from anyone EVER!

strifeblade2538d ago

^^^ I dont hate sony, i just dont like how sony fanboys have to spin things to take something negative and turn it into positive.

Just because you never paid for the network does not make it justfied that the breach was ok nor does it make it ok that it was down this long.

Bey0nd2538d ago


How are free games not good for us..? And I'm tired of people blaming Sony for the hack job, as if they do it themselves. Are you also going to blame codemasters and the Spanish police for being hacked too? At least they were kind enough to give out free GOOD games.. Move on and leave it behind

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NJShadow2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I absolutely LOVE the WipEout HD + Fury pack. Man, not only is it beautiful, but the way the game changes and distorts the custom soundtrack support is awesome. (((d[-_-]b)))

Pintheshadows2539d ago

I had HD already but really wanted the Fury pack as well. Glad I did. Destructor is awesome. Got inFamous as well. Happy.

NegativeCreep4272539d ago

but Infamous is way better. I'm loving that game.

Electroshocked2538d ago

Nice, after that you should try InFamous 2, I'm pretty sure that if you love InFamous 1, you'll love the hell out of InFamous 2.

metsgaming2539d ago

This will help them out so much when there next game is released.

NJShadow2539d ago

I sure hope so. It's unfathomable how this game was overlooked by so many (but then again, based on the reasons in the article, I can see why). O.O But yeah, deciding to include this in the package was a brilliant move.

CaptainMarvelQ82539d ago

i think that this incident might actually increase PS+ users ,me being one of them ;im willing to subscribe for a full year,i didn't realize how much freebies you get until i got this one free month
who cares if you have to subscribe in order those free games
well,they're FREE ,so there shouldn't be any complaint at all

GrandTheftZamboni2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I guess it's true what they say that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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