CVG - A Batman FPS: How does that work?

CVG - 'OMG WTF?' was probably your response to Warner's announcement of its new Batman game. A first-person multiplayer shooter? What?

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Kon2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Hmm, it might work.
Edit: I watched the video and the game looks really cool.

RedDead2511d ago

No harm in it existing, don't want it don't buy it

Flashwave_UK2511d ago

WTF ****************************** ******************* warner **** cash **** cowz

Ray J2511d ago

looks like a pice of sh*t, batman IS a TPS franchise.

No Way2511d ago

That, actually, I think .. looks like a blast, could very well be alotta fun.
It sure looks like a good time, to me. It's an arcade game, so graphics are good..
Yeah, a game I'd consider picking up, mercifully killing others; with a Batman skin.


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