Your Summer is About to Get a Bit Stranger

Upon logging into the PSN Store after the whole hacking fiasco, I was incredibly disappointed to find out that Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath was not yet available. It was originally scheduled for release toward the end of April, but a certain few individuals had bigger plans for everything and the game ultimately has received a new release date... kind of.

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Eades2538d ago

Stop making Oddworlds... Does anyone even play these games any more? They've become the epitome of mediocrity.

Cwalk8162538d ago

Seriously, I can't see this doing well at all. There are no fans of the series left.

omi25p2537d ago

Im a fan of oddsworld and i cannot wait for this game.

lil Titan2537d ago

i love the surreal style of oddworld games

honestpizza2538d ago

I loved these games in their day. I donno how they will fare today...

showtimefolks2538d ago

and there are more odd world games in development so i am guessing it does have a fanbase.

just because you are not interested in it doesn't mean others are not.

one question i do have is why haven't sony updated psn more because we are still missing a lot of may content

snipes1012538d ago

Well considering that this game came out on the Xbox some time ago and was well recieved by critics, I can see people wanting to play it. I know I do I loved this game and it was by no means mediocre. Check game rankings if you want proof.

Nac2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

You shut your filthy face!

Octo12537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Yes lets,Because yearly Tony Hawk,COD and Guitar Hero games are MUCH better :/
Let me ask you this. How long ago was an oddworld game released on consoles or PC?

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DangerousDanMcGrew2538d ago

I disagree, I loved Oddworld back in the day and Strangers Wrath was vastly underrated.

pixboy2538d ago

I agree... Strangers Wrath was a great game... and very underrated indeed. I doubt i'll get it again though... too many other games i need first!

RankFTW2538d ago

I've got a bit stranger in a pickle jar under my bed, hope the police don't figure out it was me..

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