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Two Worlds II upcoming GOTY Velvet Edition

Shortly after the release of Pirates of the Flying Fortress, or possibly alongside of it, a Two Worlds II Game of the Year Edition will be released. The attention and detail in the packaging sounds lush, so even hardcore fans of Two Worlds II may want to upgrade to this loot edition. Read what is packed inside and how to get your Pirate Head Flying Skull Pin! (PC, PS3, Two Worlds II, Two Worlds II: Pirates of The Flying Fortress, Xbox 360)

Legion  +   1144d ago
GOTY edition? Doesn't the game usually need to become a game of the year winner in some fashion before the GOTY edition comes out?

I can understand a velvet edition. Or some other special remake edition of it... but what does it take for a game to be labeled GOTY edition?

Can't wait for the GOTY edition of Attack of the Movies 3D.

(note: I did enjoy Two Worlds II, but not even in the running for GOTY)
STK026  +   1144d ago
I guess they only need one obscure website or magazine to give them a GOTY award to create such an edition, plus, they don't actually need to be the overall GOTY, being the GOTY in the action RPG category is probably enough. Well, that's assuming they actually need such an award to create these...
Legion  +   1144d ago
I actually did a search on the subject prior to posting and couldn't find any source marking TW2 as GOTY in any category.

But yea... you are probably right that they think they don't need to actually have won a GOTY award to be able to offer this version of the game.

I really enjoyed the game but have not cared for the developers or their MOD team on their websight. A bunch of wankers if you ask me. (I just wanted to use the word WANKER... ha)
reznik_zerosum  +   1144d ago
Duke Nukem : Forever GOTY EDITION coming in 10-15 years
pr0digyZA  +   1144d ago
The original two worlds did the same thing as this.
VampiricDragon  +   1144d ago
This might just be an excuse to release the dlc on disk and get more money GOTY or not
TheGreatIndonesia  +   1144d ago
muth*f*cka i bought this game day 1 becuz i thought there wont be any goty release for this game since the game expected to be pretty much mediocre (eventhough i love TW2)... %#%^#$^@
Legion  +   1144d ago
Question is what will be on the GOTY edition? Just the added DLC? As I don't recall any previous DLC for the game?

I will just download the DLC and be done with it.
TheGreatIndonesia  +   1144d ago
yeah beside pirates dlc there's a few additional contents that comes with collector edition of TW2 if that count as DLC... which is not much really worth it, but since im collecting bluray games i want only most complete edition of games sit on my shelf
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Legion  +   1144d ago
So I am assuming you have the PC version then.

What few additional contents have you heard of?
Mcardle  +   1144d ago
Has this even come out yet in the UK?
femshep  +   1144d ago
game of the year? more like fail of the year....though i was impressed on how the made it slightly more playable than the first one
abczby  +   1144d ago
Is this a joke?
Two Worlds II was awful... Did it actually win any GOTY awards?
TheGreatIndonesia  +   1144d ago
some newpapers from india and eskimo journal gave it GOTY :D im afraid this will be a trend to follow by any other developers with horrid games that didnt win anything but just stamp that goty version out of nowhere to get more money
Too_many_games  +   1144d ago
WHo the hell voted this game as a game of ANY year?
hazelamy  +   1144d ago
maybe they'll actually release the game in the uk finally.

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